]Phalla]ntasy and Faeries: Mafia, Neutral, and Mill Victory!

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Phallantasy and Faeries

This is an incredibly experimental mini Phalla for 25 players, inspired by the collaborative story-telling found in most table-top RPGs. Players in this phalla will take on the roles of characters in a classic pen-and-paper RPG.


General rules of Phalla can be found here. I will turn no players away, but players with at least some experience will probably have more fun with this one; this is probably not the context to be introduced to phalla, given...uh...well, this one is kinda a weird game, people.

Specific rules, as far as you know, can be found below:

You must vote each day. Vote in bold red for whomever you think is a villain. The person with the most votes will 'win' the vote, and the winner of the vote will be eliminated every night.

Do not edit any posts with votes or attempted votes in them, regardless of circumstances (screwed up BBCode, whatever). You edit non-vote posts at your peril.

In addition, everyone should make at least two posts each day. Failure to vote or contribute will lead to warning and replacement. Inactivity warnings, if they occur, will occur privately.

Do not directly quote anything from PMs with me, or take screenshots of them. It is okay to paraphrase role PMs however.

Do not add other players to PM conversations.

Do not anonymously contact anyone.

When you die you may make one ghost post which cannot contain any game information whatsoever. After that, any further discussions with any living participant in the game is banned, and discussions with dead participants take place at your own risk; if dead people chat about the game, please include me in those communications.

I will not answer clarifying questions.

I must be a part of all communications relevant to the game; make sure you invite me to any PMs or proboards you might form.

Signup in some appropriate color, also bolded, and as a part of signing up, you must PM me the name of your character, which you share at your own risk.

Be very careful about bringing external assumptions about how phalla works into this game!

Vote close will be precisely midnight EST every night, regardless of posted notices. Any order, vote, or post put it at 11:59 counts; any order, vote, or post put in at 12:00 does not.

After the role PMs go out, there will be a Day 0 during which there will be no vote.

Thanks to Rend for his discussion of the concepts and reading through my far-too-long ramblings on what I wanted to do, and to Mikey CTS for allowing me to use his OP as a template.

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