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Hellblazer anyone?

Just wondering if there are any Hellblazer fans out there. :)



  • MeltedmantisMeltedmantis Registered User
    I am, only been reading for about 1 year or so.

  • Cold Cut ComboCold Cut Combo Registered User new member
    I was recently gifted "Original Sins" by my sister, I'm becoming a fan.

  • herojoeherojoe IndianapolisRegistered User regular
    Hellblazer was my absolute favorite comic so yeah I'm pretty bummed about seeing it go. I am interested in the new Constantine series, but I definitely doubt I will like it as much.

  • tehjestertehjester Tampa, FlRegistered User regular
    Bout halfway through the first tpb. Loving it so far. Been interested in the character since I saw the movie. Didn't know there was a new series coming out, that should prove inreresting

    PSN: JesterKing13 Blizz Battletag: tehjester#1448
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