Need to convert SWF to MP4

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I have a swf animation that I would like to convert to MP4 format. How can I make this happen? I tried googling for this, but all I see are a bunch of scam-like pages.


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    handbrake is usually the first choice for easy video processing.

    If that doesn't get you what you want then you can try mediacoder or older versions of xvid4psp.

    These are all freeware.

    Testing out the few swf files I had on hand gave poor results. I must have been thinking of flv files, which all these programs handle without issues. Best I could manage was to use a screen capture program to directly record the swf video while it was playing. :<

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    Check this guide for converting SWF to MP4.

    The tool mentioned in it is easy to operate and the output quality is nice.
    You can download one.

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