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How should I fight Evil King?

StephSteph Registered User new member
I stupidly didn't save a second file, and I can't defeat Evil King, so now I'm stuck. What should I do? Any tips about what pins, attacks, equipment etc to use?


  • SniperekSniperek Registered User new member
    Keep trying keep trying....

  • TriskTrisk Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Boy this is old, so who knows who this'll help. Make sure you buff Gabe, buff the hell out of him, make him go samurai stance and other damage buffs, use buff items on him, give him energon, keep his health up. Make him nuke the enemies with his strongest attack after each time you do the one round damage buff. Set up gardens and make sure you revive people immediately or you're missing turns people can be using to heal while Gabe and Jim nuke nuke nuke.

    Turn down the difficulty if it's really really hard.

    Trisk on
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