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Let's Reticulate Some Servers [SIM CITY]



  • TarranonTarranon Registered User regular
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  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    I've jumped back into the game and trying a new development approach.

    I love the way happiness and density are intertwined, and what I've realized over the past two days is that the zoning demand bars are extremely deceptive.

    The best way to build your city is to keep your employment and shoppers in balance. That's the best way for controlled growth so you don't end up strangling your city because you zones 8000 acres of low density stuff and then had it explode at the same time.

    Two problems though

    1) Low wealth employment is maddeningly hard to control. Individual factories seem to employ hundreds of low wealth sims and even if there's chronic demand for labor industry demand will still show full bar demand. Lame.

    2) Past a certain point, predicting commercial growth gets hard. You almost have to decide up front if you want to neglect commerce growth, or residential growth, because you can't really have both be equal.

    I think they need to tune how employment works because I'm pretty sure even without any tourism you could build a city that had no industry at all and still have full employment. City service buildings take up too many workers.

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