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Just curious to know if there any other tournaments that will happen at PAX, non video game wise. In particular like CCGs/TCGs. Even more specific like a WoW TCG tournament or event. I tried looking at the website for schedules and information and was unable to find such information.

So if there are going to be some quality TCG events going on there, great. If not, have you considered having a UDE sponsored event there? Thanks for any information! :D

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    last year I played in and won the D&D Mini's tournament at PAX. And I know their was a big CCG game going on, which took up way too much room in the table top area so I hope that dosen't happen again.

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    There are tabletop tournaments at pax. Info on those should be coming soon ;)

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    we'll I've never been but since Wizards of the Coast, Wizkids, and UDE are all sponsors I'm guessing some CCG tourneys have to be going on.

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    Well, I'll be demoing a Lego mech game, and playing in a 3-day con game.

    edit: Whoops, you meant tournaments. I got nothing.

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    As far as CCG's go, I would expect them to at least be running the more popular one's like Magic and Munchkin. Being that Gabe did some of the art work for the WoW TCG, the idea of having it at the very least demoed at PAX isn't that far fetched.

    They typically also run other table top things, like Warhammer and WH40k, Warmachine and various other miniature war games.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my bum thoroughly kicked at a Magic tourney and destroying with my Cryx army in Warmachine!

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    I wonder if anyone would be running some sort of Twilight Imperium event.... One can only hope.

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    Wizkids has posted some info for there games


    and they are having there Team Champs there too.


    still no info for TCGs

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