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[PATV] Monday, February 25, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 37: Sony’s PS4 Play

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited February 2013 in The Penny Arcade Hub

image[PATV] Monday, February 25, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 37: Sony’s PS4 Play

Sony said a lot of words, but did they say anything important?

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • GezzerGezzer Registered User regular
    So I guess the next move on Sony's part will be an ad featuring Ron Jeremy right?

  • Zachary AmaranthZachary Amaranth Registered User regular
    They totally ripped off the penis controls from the new Nintendo Wang.

  • DiEvAlDiEvAl Registered User new member
    @Gezzer who the heck is Ron Jeremy?

  • dead.juicedead.juice Registered User regular
    "There came An Echo" isn't the first game to be commanded by cursing.
    AVGN used the voice-controlled Konami Laser Scope to kill the ducks in Duckhunt by saying "Fuck!", and then there was GNILLEY.
    It will be nice to be pretty specific about what you say though.
    "Team, Edward, dougie to, phil's mama.

    Also, Graham, why do you need a vibrator? Where do you plan to put the new duel-shock 4?

  • AdmiralMemoAdmiralMemo Trekkie Extraordinaire Baltimore, Maryland, USARegistered User regular
    edited February 2013
    DiEvAl wrote: »
    @Gezzer who the heck is Ron Jeremy?
    Apparently, the guy with the largest penis in porn. Or perhaps just the most prolific guy in porn.
    All I'm sure about is that he's apparently well-known in porn.
    They totally ripped off the penis controls from the new Nintendo Wang.
    And isn't the next generation the Nintendo Wang-U? :D

    AdmiralMemo on
  • mshadow818mshadow818 Registered User new member
    My favorite part is how grossed out Kathleen is at her ACTUAL BOYFRIENDS penis.
    She's a keeper Graham.

    Don RebaCarionisStayPhrosty
  • BaravisBaravis Registered User regular
    Loved the PS4 part- very funny!

  • AmakeAmake Registered User regular
    This explains so much about Donnie Darko's sleep golfing.

  • GezzerGezzer Registered User regular
    Actually Ron Jeremy is know as much for his porn assets as his for the fact, and he freely admits this, that he's a pretty ugly, over weight Jew with only one major asset.
    That and he's one of the few male porn stars still quite involved in the industry as a producer and director. How do I know all this... well... umm.. Google is your friend?
    Oh that and I'm a confirmed dirty old man. That fact even got me a ban on this forum btw. lol

  • Don RebaDon Reba Registered User regular
    I'm terrified! Yaay!

  • TIMESWORDSMANTIMESWORDSMAN Registered User new member
    Clearly Garrus Vakarian is the newest guest star in PGA Tour.

    Sadly, I would probably buy that if it were true... But not at retail price.

  • likalarukulikalaruku Registered User regular
    Actually GNILLEY is the first game to be controlled by swearing & screaming.

  • jaguthjaguth Registered User new member
    Its 8GB of VIDEO RAM. That is completely different and much more expensive than system RAM. Unless your 2 year old laptop is a $2000 gaming laptop, it does not have 8GB of VRAM.

  • Bewildered_RoninBewildered_Ronin Registered User regular
    @jaguth: You do know that GDDR5 RAM is just DDR3 SDRAM with lower voltages, higher latency, and a larger bandwidth, right?

    Regular old DDR3 is actually faster than GDDR5. The reason why GDDR5 is used for GPUs is because the speed isn't as important as the bandwidth. This is because you want a large amount of bandwidth to be able to handle large texture files.

    Blog - Bewildered Ronin @ Blogspot | 24/7 streaming NPR Talk & BBC World - RadioIQ
    Steam ID - BewilderedRonin
    {_,.~o-0=| She's Half |=0-o~.,_}
  • johnnywhitebreadjohnnywhitebread Registered User regular
    Wang joke in 3... 2... 1....

    C'mon, Graham! Why do you think it's called the Brother P-touch?

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