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Strip Search - SS Grand Prix



  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    Gabe wrote:
    No one crying, no one getting kicked out, just the artists hanging out together and having fun.

    Enjoy it while it lasts cartoonists.

    That challenge was more for them than for us, but I still enjoyed watching it.

  • Troy_VanderpoolTroy_Vanderpool Registered User new member
    I loved this episode. I thought it was great how despite all the disclaimers Lexxy ended up winning. The toughest thing about it was jumping from camera-to-camera and not knowing how they were all actually doing...

  • duddlesduddles Registered User regular
    Those are some great point LetterAfterz - I hope that the show evolves in future seasons to focus more on the artists personalities / interactions and on their work.

  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    No disrespect to the producers, who have produced an absolutely fantastic series so far, but this episode was kinda repetitive, both in terms of content and presentation.

    Music was fantastic for two minutes, but it was fairly repetitive, especially when looped.
    Driving was fantastic for two minutes, but it was fairly repetitive too.

    You can keep my attention so long as at least one of the audio or visual is interesting, but when they're both repetitive I do find myself nodding off.

    Did I mention that the content of this episode felt kind of repetitive? I thought it was repetitive myself. for comics, art and other junk.
  • MifletzetMifletzet His most Hirsute Eminence Registered User new member
    I hope there's a whole disc dedicated to just social interaction at the house. I want to see what art they created in their downtime.

  • PifmanPifman Registered User regular
    Psst! Episode 17... your budget is showing ;)

    I wouldn't have minded a fun throwaway episode about go karts if it wasn't absolutely painful trying to watch them drive. OK, maybe they've never been on go karts before, but have they ever driven a car? You know, gas, break, steering? Love everyone on the show, but it was almost hard to believe.

    Looking forward to Kris Straoeuwbes guest appearance Tuesday!

  • MonkeyBottomBlueMonkeyBottomBlue Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I have to agree with Tavis. I realize they are majestic and powerful and loads of people like them, but I'm not a fan of horses. Waaaaay too skitish. I could ride an elephant or a bear or a dinobot because I know they do not feel threatened at all. Walk up to a horse and fart? BOOOM hoof to the face and I'm eating out of a straw for 6 best.

    As a consumer (what I ain't talented!) I can see Letterafterz point. I think the real problem though is the time constraint. Some more inside the house stuff and a peak at what the artists are drawing throughout the day would be sweet, but I figure the editor has a hell of a job shaving seconds here and there. That and the artists might feel uncomfortable being filmed.

    Anyway the show is still great, but once it has a following and if they do a second season I would double the length of the episodes. Granted 3 episodes are shot in one day so I don't think there is a lot of time to give the artists "me time" so they don't freak out or take a swing at the camera or completely shut down.

    Hmmmm Hell on Earth???

  • LavidiusLavidius Registered User regular
    Agreed that it wasn't great, but I did enjoy the epic wipeouts. I think Graham/LRR/the other producers will get better at these with practice.

    My concern after watching this is that Katie hurt her hand seriously enough to impact her drawing. I can imagine that a bruise on the hand would make it hard to hold a pen comfortably. It'd be a real shame if she went up for elimination within the next two days and then lost because she wasn't at her best.

  • nindustrialnindustrial Word Typer Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    Hmmmm, not a great episode. Mildly interesting, but not, stretch-it-to-17-minutes interesting. Especially since most of the time there's no real perspective of who is where in the race.

  • GamercowGamercow Registered User regular
    Short list today:
    1) I liked this episode simply because it was non-stressful. Even the other social challenges were a little stressful, but it just seemed like this was a relaxing time out for everyone.
    2) Monica was friggin hilarious, she really is as wacky as she is in her comic.
    3) For some reason, I suspected Lexxy was going to win in the beginning. Not because of any conspiracy, just a hunch I guess.
    4) I really think Maki said "Fuck it, I'm not stressing about this" about 2 minutes in. Which he confirmed, more or less, later. With the spectre of the elimination chamber no longer hanging over him, I think he's gained some confidence in his ability to win the whole thing.
    5) I think Amy would have trounced in this, not only due to her experience with go karting, but also due to the fact that she's a Connecticut driver. Those people are nuts. ;)

    emarecksaykayCorben DallasNotaCylondeworde
  • nataliesharknatalieshark Registered User regular
    lol... Lexxy's reaction to the prize was like a kid on Christmas who had been opening up toys and then got to the present with clothes inside.

  • FandeathisFandeathis Registered User regular
    I guess every show has to have a really bad episode.

    You fuck wit' Die Antwoord, you fuck wit' da army.
  • TrunkersTrunkers Registered User regular
    I didn't mind the episode, and I think some of the criticism is a product of the "three episodes a day" format. If this were a televised show (e.g. Survivor), we'd have two challenges and an elimination all packed into one hour-long time slot. Any given third of an hour-long episode might not be super exciting (e.g. the Go-Karting), but the whole package would likely still deliver.

    Also due to this getting its own episode there was more repetition than there otherwise would have been. Had this been part of a larger episode, I could see this whole segment getting edited down to an 8 - 10 minute chunk.

    My MTG Cube Site - -
  • th3thirdmanth3thirdman Registered User regular
    I hate Abby so much I hate her art. I hate her big chin. I think she might not be neurologically typical. I want her to lose

  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    I'm disappointed Khoo wasn't there with an amazing lap time and dressed as the Stig.

    I don't mind so much that this had nothing at all to do with art or comics. They've had a tough week and this is as good a way as any to relax and enjoy themselves.

    Looking forward to the PA folks acting like crazy fans at a convention.

    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    I hate Abby so much I hate her art. I hate her big chin. I think she might not be neurologically typical. I want her to lose

    I love Abby's comic so much that I love Abby and think her chin is majestic, not really sure about that brain bit. I want her to win.

    Oh brilliant
  • CockieCockie Registered User new member
    Stil disappointed they didn't put boxes with banana peels on the track. :)

  • Corben DallasCorben Dallas Registered User regular
    Jeez enough with the mehs from the non petrol heads out there. Episode was awesome!!! needed some jokes/commentary over the race. Props to Erika for givin it a real go for someone who doesnt drive. Not getting in car with Abby or Katie tho!!!! :O Monica was like WWWwwwweeeeeee!!!! u go girl :)

    Also Maki ....thumbs down... where as Tavis was 'I got this', dude where u even trying???!!! wheres your competitive spirit?
    GoOOOoooo team Lexxy!
    +should have all got them to pick Mario Kart characters!

  • machosasquatchomachosasquatcho Registered User regular
    Loved this series, but this episode was kinda boring. 20 min of go kart driving... Needed a strip search twist, or to be 15 minutes shorter.

  • RedEnigma18RedEnigma18 Registered User new member
    Did anyone see the previews of the next episode? Khoo putting a twist in the next challenge by being "that guy" in a convention. Love it!

  • CammilunaCammiluna Registered User new member
    Mario Kart will never bee seen the same way again. Do they get to drive their go-karts over to Stripcon?

  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    Yeah the next one looks great, I'm worried that maki didn't set up enough and may have issues, but it looks good I've really become to like Maki : D his comic is awesome

  • PifmanPifman Registered User regular
    I hate Abby so much I hate her art. I hate her big chin. I think she might not be neurologically typical. I want her to lose
    White Knights, unite!

    I think Abby is amazing. Her comic only makes me like her more and her art style is amazing. Her comic is easily the one I check the most often for updates out of all the contestants. Not sure who I want to win yet, but if you think about it Abby would be a great fit. She's the newest but her work is still great. If the goal is to be inserted into the Penny Arcade machine for a year to help launch your webcomic career, then she might need it the most.

  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    I'm super curious as to whether they will be allowed to make any changes to their booths. I mean, even if no one had given you any feedback you might start to notice flaws once the customers arrived. I hope they are.

  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    I think she might not be neurologically typical.

    Neurologically typical people are kinda boring... I like weird people better. for comics, art and other junk.
  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    I hate Abby so much I hate her art. I hate her big chin. I think she might not be neurologically typical. I want her to lose

    Abby, is that you?

    Dark Raven X
  • gojajagojaja Registered User new member
    I'd love to see a "Chopped" version of this show. Just elimination rounds, over and over again.

  • Sharp10rSharp10r Registered User regular
    It seems weird that they avoid and don't want to go the elimination challenge. Ultimately- they're going for a job with "The Creators." Going to every elimination challenge means that they get more and more face time with the very people they want to score a job with. If you think you can earn the job- put your money where your mouth is and volunteer for elimination each week! ;)

  • MegaMan001MegaMan001 CRNA Rochester, MNRegistered User regular
    Great episode. Also, Jesus, is it the stress or what because many of the competitors faces have just exploded since the beginning of this.

    I am in the business of saving lives.
  • MegaMan001MegaMan001 CRNA Rochester, MNRegistered User regular
    Also, the show is really feeling the loss of Amy. I could only imagine that she would have been able to provide so much commentary on this episode. I feel like she would have purposefully thrown the qualifying laps to get a strong second or third place start position or something equally as devious.

    I am in the business of saving lives.
  • KalynarKalynar Registered User regular
    Gosling wrote: »

    The track configuration was one of these. They were on the South course, so either South Concourse or South Sprint; I'd guess South Concourse.

    Also, for those of you trying to figure out production schedules, they drove out to Kent for this.

    It's one big course, that can be split into north and south sections. They entered on the south, but were actually using the whole course. Abby's shortcut was from the inner turn to the straight out on the north portion. The water is right in the middle of the full course, and you can see how they were driving right at it.

    My hands! My horrible human hands!
  • HewnHewn Registered User regular
    Gamercow wrote: »
    5) I think Amy would have trounced in this, not only due to her experience with go karting, but also due to the fact that she's a Connecticut driver. Those people are nuts. ;)

    There's some truth to this. I was honked at more times in my first week in Connecticut than my entire life in the Midwest.

    Steam: hewn
    Warframe: TheBaconDwarf
  • GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, Probably Watertown, WIRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Regarding the convention next episode, it's looking like it'll be another worst-case-scenario challenge like with A.J. and Twitter. So the idea here is going to be to identify who is least equipped to engage when they are given no choice but to engage with the person standing right in front of them. With A.J., you had the option of not answering a question. With Twitter, you had the option of not replying. Here, here's a person with money making an ass of themselves at your booth, what do you do now?

    Predicted power rankings:

    1: Maki. His price points from earlier might be hammered on here but I think he'll have that handled and he's already paid most of the price he's going to pay there anyway. He's smooth enough to handle whatever gets thrown at him.

    2: Erika. I don't imagine she'll have any real issues; she can take Robert Khoo being totally inappropriate in stride. Though an X-factor might be whether they still have Amy's booth in the room or whether they took it down. The presence of Amy's booth and no Amy to go along with it might rattle her a bit. But it's nothing she can't shake off.

    3: Lexxy. She ought to be fine; I assume she's learned her lesson regarding taking things too far.

    4: Katie. She's been to the Thunderdome for not giving AJ a good interview, but while 'forgettable' can hurt you there, I don't think it'll hurt you in a convention setting when they're already talking to you. It might get her a downgrade for not being a particularly memorable meeting, but it'll be enough, I think.

    5: Abby. Any problems Abby will have I think will depend on her commission policy. Quoth her Tumblr:
    Fair warning: If you ask me for porn I will troll you. By this I mean I will draw the most heinous, disgusting porn that my sick imagination can dream up. And I will take your money.

    This is Penny Arcade. Sooner or later someone is going to ask her to draw genitalia. Her test is if she can keep herself from taking the bait. I think she'll manage to hold off, though if she doesn't, it is the Thunderdome for sure. I put her at 5 to leave some ambiguity over which way she goes. If she passes that test (or is never given it), put her up in a safe 4th. If she fails, instant last place.

    6: Tavis. He went to the Thunderdome on Day 3 for failure to engage in the Twitter challenge and was regarded as boring by AJ; I think he might struggle when forced to engage and his lack of space on the desk can easily come back to bite him when he's asked for a sketch.

    7: Monica. I think she's going to wilt on this one, despite having two conventions under her belt to most everyone else's one. In good conditions, she's extremely friendly and outgoing, but when stressed, she shows some fairly pronounced fracture points. And these aren't going to be good conditions. With A.J. she was on the back heel all day. After nominating Amy and Maki yesterday, she was too upset to join in the 'Artists! Artists! Artists!' chant-- she thought about it for a second but just couldn't do it. She had time to formulate polite responses in the Twitter challenge (except for the one no-reply), but she'll have to think on her feet here and I don't know that she'll be able to keep up with Khoovian shenanigans.

    As for the resulting Thunderdome, which here would be Tavis vs. Monica, we've already seen what Tavis can do, but I would see him running up against a swirling pink buzzsaw. Because Monica has already, prior to the competition, voluntarily placed herself under far worse conditions than those of the Thunderdome. Twice. In 2012 alone. It's something she's taken to doing once every six months after graduating from college. On February 1, and again on October 22, she participated in something called Hourly Comic Day, in which one is to create one panel an hour for 24 hours, or at least every hour they're awake, summarizing their day. (She also did another one this February 3, but that was after filming.) You can see for yourself how she held up; I'd say she held up extremely well. So she knows exactly what kind of time management she's going to need to do, and is conditioned to make comics on the fly based on whatever the hell comes up at any given moment. She is more than prepared for a silly little Thunderdome. Tavis would put up a fight, but he might need some help from the wastebasket, and even then it may not be enough to stop her.

    Gosling on
    I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.
  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    I hate Abby so much I hate her art. I hate her big chin. I think she might not be neurologically typical. I want her to lose

    I love Abby's comic so much that I love Abby and think her chin is majestic, not really sure about that brain bit. I want her to win.

    If there is something broken in Abby's brain it has made her a comedic genius.

  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    The presence of Amy's booth and no Amy to go along with it might rattle her a bit. But it's nothing she can't shake off.

    this isn't the first comment I've seen that makes it sound like people think Erika & Amy are a/ in love and b/ totally codependent, it's just the most recent one. wtf? I get that they really like each other, but it's a bit much to suggest that Amy's absence is going to really upset Erika. They've known each other four days. Erika is, I believe, married. They'll see each other in a week. I think they'll cope.

  • GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, Probably Watertown, WIRegistered User regular
    When they're independently making confessionals saying they'd give each other the prize, it's at least worth considering as a factor that when one is eliminated, the other gets weakened. You saw Erika's face when Maki walked through the door.

    I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.
  • sketchitysketchity Registered User regular
    amy's a go-carter.
    amy must not win.
    amy races these guys.

    what an epic battle for the middle of the pack that would have been.

  • TheFlapjaxTheFlapjax Registered User new member
    This episode was scored horribly. Just terrible audio choices throughout.

  • JishianJishian ◥▶◀◤ Registered User regular
    I think this was less exciting to watch because the social challenges don't really have much bearing on who goes to elimination.

  • enderandrewenderandrew Registered User regular
    I'm apparently the only one who liked the score for this episode.

    Overhead shots of the course would have been great, but I doubt LRR had the budget for a crane and/or helicopter.

    I don't think this episode is bad as others have suggested so much as that other episodes have been so tense/great that this one seems weaker in comparison. But I enjoy getting to spend some time with the contestants to get a feel for their personality. If it wasn't for these episodes, the other ones wouldn't hold the same tension.

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