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Help me with my illustration final! (Page 2) NSFW/NSF56K to the MAX



  • Nineteen HundredNineteen Hundred Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Guys! I'm here!

    So yeah, my illustration final, not really sure where else I can take it. Specifically having trouble with the silhouette on the left. I'm just not sure if it works or not. I could add some texture and effects, but I'm worried that will make the whole thing way too busy.


    This is watercolor on an 11x17in paper.

    EDIT: The text that accompanies it. This is meant to be a two page spread for a fairy tale, in this case a version of Little Red Riding Hood that I think Neil Gaiman just made up.

    The wolf ran off and arrived first at the house. He killed the grandmother, poured her blood into a bottle and sliced her flesh onto a plate. Then he got into her nightclothes and waited in the bed.

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