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    Hello everyone, I am currently 16 years old but will be 17 at the time of PAX East. I have wanted to go for the past 3 years but have never been able to, but this year our school is being let out for 2 weeks in March, which lands around the time every PAX east takes place. My parents, however, will be busy during the weeks. I also have worked up around 3,000 dollars in my savings. So, I was wondering if a 17 year old can ride in an airplane and stay in a hotel alone if my parent books it with their credit card and I pay them back. Would the hotel or airplane staff require an adult with me? Finally, can a 17 year old get into PAX by himself? Thanks and I hope to see everyone there.

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    First, PAX East 2014 is in April (April 11-13 to be exact).

    Usually a 17 year old cannot check into a hotel by themselves. You'll have to call specific hotels to find that information out for yourself. Airlines are usually pretty forgiving about that as long as you have photo ID that matches the name on your ticket, but you will need to call the airline and the airport to find out for certain.

    A 17 year old will have no issues getting into PAX itself, as long as you have a badge.

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