Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second



  • EliminationElimination Registered User regular
    that's true, I think for me with RO1 the community was definitely what kept me going on it. I met a lot of cool people on there, some of which im friends with to this day (like 12 years later.)

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  • MorphMothMorphMoth Registered User regular
    I just met some alright guys partying the other day. If you want people to kiss your ass, just be a super awesome healer like me.

  • L Ron HowardL Ron Howard Registered User regular
    I've been sort of playing this game. Made an archer, which is like level 7 or so. I'm pretty sure I won't make it past level 10. I'm really starting to dislike games that are "oh, the real game unlocks after XX". As Darkewolfe has mentioned, it it really bland, and has none of the charm of RO. I'm not waiting for 43 more levels to see if it gets good. Right now, I just spam the 1 key, and always win. There's no strategy, no reason to spec into anything other than Aim Shot or whatever it's called. The traps are worthless as mobs don't do enough damage to hurt me, and the potions come off of cooldown in the rare case that they do get me down past 2/3 health; which has happened once and that was because I pulled 3 guys at once due to the weird tabbing issues it has (tab selects friendlies and enemies the same?).

  • Comrade1809Comrade1809 Registered User regular
    I'm trying to give this an honest shot and was curious where I could find some skill plans.

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  • MorphMothMorphMoth Registered User regular
    If you google around for a build for whatever class you've chosen, there's a good chance you'll find a good looking build or at least descriptions of the skills.

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