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I got a new hard drive recently and I didn't think to transfer the music files from the old one to the new one before it got wiped. Last time I needed to pull data from my ipod to a new hard drive it wasn't super difficult, so I'm surprised how much trouble I'm having today. Googling the issue seems to point me to SharePod, but SharePod can only seem to detect my ipod for some 10 seconds before it gets confused and tells me to connect my ipod to the computer - as soon as the ipod says it's safe to eject, sharepod goes haywire and the transfer stops. I've already backed up the data, but it's in that F1, F2, F3 storage system where you can't actually use it very well. I should be able to restore everything to the ipod if something goes wrong, though.

Has anyone done this recently? I just want my music back.

Edit: tried changing the permissions on the iTunes executable so it can't launch but is still installed... looks like the issue is really one with this SharePod tool? Seems like their demo isn't actually functional... gives me 2% of my songs and then suggests I register to get the other 98.

Maybe I'd be better off trying to find something that can make something usable out of the music files themselves, rather than running directly off the iPod?

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    If you already have the files, can't you just re-import the files into iTunes or another music program with a music library, if you're on Windows? I mean, I haven't used any of the recent iPods, but last time I just had to make sure I could view hidden files, copied the folders over, and then I just used iTunes to add the folders I copied in that F1, F2, F3 system. Do you not have M4A files in those folders if you show hidden files? As best I remember, they should be perfectly normal music files, just organized in that weird way. I do remember that iTunes is somewhere between helpful and harmful when you do that (I think I used to let it open, but obviously not let it sync, and then I could copy files). The only time I've ever had any huge issues with moving iPod-related music around was with a Mac, which used to have issues seeing hidden files, which is why I think SharePod was originally invented. I eventually found a way to show hidden files on a Mac with a Bash script because SharePod sucked, so.

    But again, I haven't had a new iPod since... the 4th gen Nano. So there's that.

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    Yeah, when I had to reformat my fiancee's PC a few years back, we restored her collection from her iPod pretty much the same way Essee described. Copied the F1/F2/etc. folders to the computer, then dragged and dropped each folder into the iTunes window. I had to do it one folder at a time for some reason -- I think some songs had duplicate file names between folders and not everything would get imported as a result. You could even avoid copying them all directly to your PC first and just copy the folders directly from the iPod.

    Also, check iTunes advanced preferences and make sure the checkboxes next to "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" are checked...if you care about that sort of thing, anyway (I do!).

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    Can't drag and drop a folder, which threw me for a while, but if I open the folder, select all the files in it, and drag&drop them to the itunes window, it works. Thanks!

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    I had to do this exact process a couple of years ago to extract photos and music from my iPod after my computer's hard drive crashed. I ended up installing a special software on my computer that was able to extract the information. I can't remember if I paid for the software, and I'm not at home and can't check on the name of it either. I just did a quick google search, and there appears to be way more programs available now that do this then when I did it back then. Give one of them a shot, especially if they have a free trial version.


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    Check out a program called senuTi, the free trial lets you transfer 1000 songs or videos from an iPod/iPhone to a computer. I've used it a number of times and it always worked for me.

    *EDIT* Just read that it only works on OSX... I assume when you said PC earlier that you have a Windows based computer right?

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    i used i-funbox for a ipod touch. you can actually browse the whole file system with it, but see your music in those FXX type folders. There is an option that will let you dump ALL of your music from the ipod to a folder of your choice on the computer, named with [artist][album][track].mp3, which is reasonably easy to reorganize into folders or reimport into itunes. and it's free!

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