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[Precipice of Darkness EP.3]Crash on startup!

Manman02Manman02 Registered User new member
I've got Precipice of Darkness 3 for a loooong time via Steam but I've just got ep 1&2 not so far ago, I loved them, a lot, and I wanna play the 3rd episode of this game, but guess what. It doesn't start!!! It says the game doesn't responding when the Zeboyd games logo appears on the screen and no go, I've tried several solutions like uninstall and reinstall XNA and .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0, reinstall the game, make it compatibility as Windows XP and run as administrator, still doesn't work. I've Windows Media Player 12 installed in my PC btw.

Please help me get through this, I wanna play it!


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