Seamstress Smiting Tips Request

Starcat5Starcat5 Registered User regular
My usual party setup isn't cutting the mustard against this yellow cloaked foe. Does anyone have a sound Party Build/Equip Setup/Strategy for taking this lady down?


  • Game VyseGame Vyse Registered User regular
    take down the atk coin like a madman before it up's the Seamstress atk power, and keep your def and hp high so you could live past that super move she pulls off.

    that base of my Strategy I worked from.

  • Starcat5Starcat5 Registered User regular
    Finally beat her. I definitely needed a different strategy, though. As it was, having the one party member without a revival spell and only 5hp bring everyone else back with potions was a dicey situation. But at last the Seamstress has been slain, the prequel has been completed, and it is time to play Part 4.

  • HounHoun Registered User regular
    I didn't find that fight very hard, but I'm pretty sure my setup was OP as fuck.

    Gabe: Masochist/Tube Samurai - Set up all his various STR buffs, then Attack command until 9 MP for his super move, repeat
    Tycho: Gardener/Crabomancer - give him the bullseye, buff up DEF early in the fight, pick your fav garden (MP one usually), take all the hits like a boss. Throw out heals if you want.
    Jim: Apoc/Elem - Set up your repeating damagers, set up some prophecies, throw out other stuff as you feel appropriate.
    Moira: Cord/Diva - Diva's just there for the passive speed buffs, Bootstrap yourself to Ludicrous Speed, spend your days flinging pots and interrupting all the things.

    This setup took me through the late half of the game; prior, I'd had Gabe as Tube/Dino and Moira as Cord/Hobo, but ended up at the above class combination which pretty much worked for everything.

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