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Marvel NOW! - The Future is NOW! Page One NS56k



  • TexiKenTexiKen y-you remember that one scene in Goodfellas when Ray Liotta says to Joe Pesci “You’re a funny guy” and Joe Pesci goes “I’m funny? How am I funny?” And Ray Liotta goes “I mean you’re just funny” and-Registered User regular
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    It's supposed to take Astonishing's spot, but Marvel is a publishing Hydra, so there's probably one more book planned to launch too. And this time it will be three times a month, two in one week!

    I just want more people in the Marvel Universe to not act like death of a hero is serious business. Now Cyclops can point to Kurt and go "Remember how you were all crybabies when he died and blamed me like you always do? You know he was going to come back, right? So shut up about Xavier!"

    "sure thing, bub. Just let me kill you for a few years, so you and Chuck will be even"

    "I already "died" when I was possessed by Apocalypse for two years you canadian asshole, you couldn't even be impostered by a skrull for three months!"

    Colossus: "I hate you all"

    Jean: "I hate you all the most."

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    I vote the next thread get's named "Marvel: Now What?"

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    Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
    • Get ready for the NOWest book in Marvel NOW History – Marvel NOW WHAT?!
    • SEE NOW! Captain America get Cat Fished! SEE NOW! The Intervention of the Watcher! SEE NOW! The Wedding of Thor and Storm!
    • All that and more as a cast of comedy’s shining stars and Marvel’s most exciting artists bring you the stories of Marvel NOW that you never thought you’d ever want to see – but you do want ot see it, and you want it NOW!

    "Ride or Die?" asked Goku

    "Ride or Die" confirmed Dominic Toretto, as they took off to find the Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their friend Sonic
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    "X Saves The Marvel Universe" starring C/D-list characters sounds like the equal and opposite reaction to "X Kills The Marvel Universe", and I would love more of it.

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  • CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    Yes, please.

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    Anything with Longshot in it gets my seal of approval! (*remembers the Shatterstar Saga*) Wait, I retract that.

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  • FuruFuru Registered User regular
    "X Saves The Marvel Universe" starring C/D-list characters sounds like the equal and opposite reaction to "X Kills The Marvel Universe", and I would love more of it.

    And in it's in continuity instead of in some dumb fanwanky alternate universe that only exists to kill characters for dumb reasons!

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    Interview with Hastings and Campagni about Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe
    Geek: Longshot was, for quite a while, one of Marvel's most popular characters, but he also seems irrevocably rooted in a different era: a guy from a television dimension, dressed in a jumpsuit and bandolier strap, with his hair styled in a ridiculous mullet. How do you him work for today's readers?

    Hastings: Well, in regards to Longshot's personal fashion choices, I'd say that's largely been solved during his time on X-Factor. Jacopo's given him a snappy new haircut, but that's about it. As far as connecting with modern readers, well I'm a modern reader too, and I'm just writing the story I'd like to read. I think very seriously about what the reality of Longshot's powers might mean, and explore that, but I also know that magical luck should be really fun and surprising, and I'm trying to go for that too. This particular adventure doesn't deal very much with Longshot's "Mojoverse Gladiators" origins, though obviously it's shaped him.

    Camagni: I can tell about the "new" style. When Jordan sent me the script, he asked me to change the look of Longshot, and he precisely asked me: "We’ll definitely want to make him VERY attractive in this miniseries! We want ladies and gentlemen both to be swooning over him", so I have tried to change his hair and facial look and bring it from the eighties to the present. I think it's very cool now. I loved the "motorcycle style" suit that he wore in the last appearances, so I haven't changed it and I think that the mix of old suit and new hair make for a very cool and badass look.

    Geek: What can you tell us about the set-up for this story? How does it begin, and what sort of feel are you going for?

    Hastings: It starts off in New York City, and people who catch lucky breaks are mysteriously dying soon after. Win the lottery, hit too many green lights in a row, good hair day? Dead. And that's obviously very concerning to Longshot! As far as the feel, I'm really just trying to go for a fun romp through the Marvel universe, having fun with different characters having their luck effected by Longshot. He's an optimistic, cheerful guy, and it's a good time to plunge that into extremely deadly situations.

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    aw, dang it

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    Cannot wait till we have a new thread

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    I am personally enjoying this.

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    it's kind of silly but what can you do, eh?

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    We're at page 100 now, couldn't someone just make a new thread now?

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    I'm picturing Centi angrily tweeting Hastings about him being infracted, and Hastings just having a very confused look on his face

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    I made the last 2 threads, so someone else can make the next one. just make sure to ask mod permission first to get this one closed.

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    The forbidden word should be in the new title!

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    I used to love longshot as a kid (I painted a picture of him and they hung it up in the town hall for like a whole day!) but haven't read any x-factor ishes with him.

    Is it worth it?

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  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    X-Factor's a pretty solid series from what I've read.

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    Well, this isn't going to carry over to the new thread and I thought I locked it earlier today, but I guess not!

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