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Xbox 360 hard drive transfer woes

GreenGreen Stick around.I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
I'm trying to transfer data from my old 20GB hard drive to a 60GB drive. I have a transfer cable, but when I plug the new drive into it the system only seems to recognize it as a generic USB memory device. The data transfers over correctly, but when I attach the 60GB drive the console doesn't recognize it's there at all. Is there a way to get the Xbox to see it as an actual hard drive?

I don't know if this is relevant, but the transfer cable I have is some unlabeled third-party thing, and didn't come with a CD like I've seen with Microsoft cables. Could this be the problem?


  • SiskaSiska Shorty Registered User regular
    I have no idea if a 3rd party cable can cause that problem or not. But In case you didn't know, you can use an actual USB drive to transfer the data if you want.

  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    Actually transferring the data seems to work fine, the problem is that the Xbox just doesn't see the new drive unless it's connected via the transfer cable. It only recognizes it as a USB storage device instead of a hard drive.

  • SiskaSiska Shorty Registered User regular
    edited July 2013
    After looking it up it seems to happen when the drive somehow mysteriously converted from a fatX to a fat32. Do you know if the new hard drive hooked was up to a PC at some point? Either way, it's not a problem Microsoft is likely to be interested in helping you with, because they will just think you're a dirty hacker. See if you can format the new hard drive, on your Xbox (after transferring the data off it again, of course). If you can, that might change it back. If not, here are some suggestions on how to fix it (at you own risk). --->

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  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    Replaced the hard drive, and the Xbox recognizes it. Hooray!

    The transfer cable still treats it as a USB memory device. Boo.

    So now I at least know it's the shitty knockoff cable that's the issue, not my console. My question now is would it be worthwhile to track down a legit cable, or just do it the hard way and transfer everything via flash drive? If I don't use the cable, are there any extra steps I have to take to make sure my DLC still works on the new HDD?

  • HewnHewn Registered User regular
    You can always download your DLC again. That content is tied to your Xbox Live account.

    Just be aware even if you do everything right, you could still have screwed up saved games. I used a thumb drive formatted by the Xbox, as per their instructions. It was a rough conversation explaining to my girlfriend that her Fable 2 was gone. Forever.


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  • SiskaSiska Shorty Registered User regular
    I think you have to format the usb on your XBox, first. And yes, you only need to transfer game saves. You should be able to just copy and keep the originals on the old drive until you know for sure that everything works!

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