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Week in New York

SeptusSeptus Registered User regular
I’ll be going to New York this weekend, from Saturday to Saturday, and I’m looking for some recommendations.

Food: I’m not hugely concerned about eating the very best food, and I want to avoid crowds where possible, but in particular I’d like to eat at a really good Indian food restaurant. I’ll be looking for “pretty good” sushi places as well, in that I expect them to be way better than what I can get in Austin.

I’ll be going to the Met, the MOMA, Natural History Museum(naysayers be damned!), Central Park, the Cloisters, probably some boat tour of the bay and/or a trip to Staten island, and lots of wandering around. However, considering how much time we’ll have, I’m sure we can do more, and I’d be interested in anything else that stands out as a must-do. I plan on only seeing a broadway show if there are cheap tickets for the few shows I’m interested in at TKTS. Can anyone recommend a good comedy club?

Anything else I’m missing?

PSN: Kurahoshi1


  • EntriechEntriech Registered User regular
    When we went there back in May, we got a recommendation to go to Veniero's for dessert, and it was definitely worth it. It also puts you within walking distance of The Strand bookstore, which is pretty cool.

    Actually here, just look at the thread.

  • Zombie NirvanaZombie Nirvana Registered User regular

    Not that crowded, good beer, better wings than anything I've had in Austin (different than Plucker's type), and good atmosphere. They also have your Sushi requirement. :)

  • AkilaeAkilae Registered User regular
    Avoiding "the crowd" while dining in NYC is... difficult. Any place that does not draw a decent sized crowd is one to be very wary of. However...

    Indian? Of the curry persuasion? Brick Lane. Something not so curry centric? The MasalaWala. Great chai, very good ice cream. Very solid entrees. Owner is also a great guy who likes to come out and chat with his guests.
    Sushi? "Pretty good"? Donguri.

  • JurgJurg In a TeacupRegistered User regular
    I've been to the Brick Lane Curry in Montclair, and it is pretty baller. I don't know how it is in the city, or how it compares to other Indian restaurants in the city, but I think it's pretty great.

    Get the Vindaloo curry. Don't get the Phaal curry, unless you hate yourself.

  • SeptusSeptus Registered User regular
    I'll check those out. I also got a couple of recommendations for Tamarind in particular, and Murray Hill as a general area.

    PSN: Kurahoshi1
  • nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
    Best comedy clubs in the city are the Comedy Cellar in the village and Carolines just above Times Square

    if you've watched Louie, Seinfeld or anything no comedy central you've seen them

  • SeptusSeptus Registered User regular
    Yah, I guess I would assume that the comedy cellar would be packed all the time. Yes/no?

    PSN: Kurahoshi1
  • DeebaserDeebaser on my way to work in a suit and a tie Ahhhh...come on fucking guyRegistered User regular
    You need to make a reservation on their website.

  • SeptusSeptus Registered User regular
    Yep, that seemed surprisingly easy to make.

    PSN: Kurahoshi1
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