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Anyone interested in playing Dark Heresy or D&D via Skype?

m25105m25105 Registered User regular
Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes.

First, I'm a complete noob to this; a virgin in roleplaying to be frank. I've always been interested in it though, ever since I was a kid and saw a D&D poster and the books (though I didn't really know anyone (and I still don't know anyone) in real life that played it. So I kinda forgot about it, but after watching itmejp's series and now the Dark Heresy rollplay (and I'm a fan of Warhammer 40k lore, read a lot of the books and played many of the games (not tabletop, too expensive and again, no friends playing it)), I've been itching to play it. Cause if I have so much watching other people having fun, why not just play it myself too? And with the magic of the internet and skype finding people should be a lot easier.

Now as mentioned before, I'm totally clueless, so I need a bit of guidance, on what books to buy and what programs to download, but I'm willing and eager to learn, so I hope if anyone is interested, is willing to take me under his/her wing and show the ropes.

I live in Denmark, so the timezone is +1 gmt

Thanks for reading.


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