Tips For Optimizing Connection Speed?

Professor SnugglesworthProfessor Snugglesworth Registered User regular
After upgrading my PC and reconfiguring all my settings, I wanted to look into configuring my internet connection to make sure I'm getting the fastest possible speeds. As far as downloading from services like Steam goes, things seem to be working just fine. But when it comes to streaming services (like Twitch), I get some chugging/stuttering. Also had a laggy multiplayer match in Super Street Fighter IV, but I haven't played enough multiplayer to verify if it's a problem on my end.

I've had experience with Port Forwarding in the past, so I'm willing to try that if it will help things. If there are other, more reliable methods, I'll try those as well.

I'm on Comcast cable, and the modem is directly connected to my PC. This is the modem I'm using.

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  • DranythDranyth Surf ColoradoRegistered User regular
    I haven't hung around the Tavern in a while but I noticed this and figured I'd mention that I've just noticed that Comcast occasionally has trouble with Twitch streams, especially around primetime hours. A while back Youtube would have the same problem. I doubt it's a throttling issue but it could certainly be an overloaded node issue related to your local area.

    But if you have it connected directly to your PC, I doubt there's any 'optimization' you could really do. Hell, I have an older Surfboard that's only DOCSIS 2.0, and despite the speedbump Comcast sent an e-mail out about a few weeks ago mentioning that you should have 3.0 to take advantage of the speed, I'm pretty sure I'm getting the speeds mentioned, so... no idea.

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