Bluetooth headset and PC question

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So, I found a Jabra bt800 at my work for $1.50, decided to pick it up. I already had some little crappy blue too receiver i never set up, so I set it up and now I can use my blue tooth headset to play audio, and use as a mic with my computer.

Here is the problem... it sounds like shit.

I don't care if while using vent it sounds like ass, but I'd rather have my music played through my speakers while I'm playing games.

Is there a way to set up the computer so that vent comes through the headset, and everything else comes through my speakers?

I seem to be able to set it up so one or the other can work, but how about both?
My mobo has on board sound, and I'm also using a Sound Blaster audigy card (don't remember exact specifics...)

also, totally seperate issue... for some reason, my computer just started this today, whenever any of my 'locks' come on (scroll lock, caps lock, num lock) I get a small popup in my right corner


that actually.

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    You keep your headset connected to the computer all the time? Why? Doesn't it need to disconnect to charge? I used to use a Bluetooth headset for Teamspeak back when I played WoW; I used to just power on the headset whenever I needed it, and turn it off and plug it in to charge when I'm done. Your computer can generally detect your headset whenever you power it on, and usually pressing a button on the headset will automatically make the connection with your PC, and all audio (in most cases) will be re-routed to your headset. The exact behavior seems to be different with different headsets and PCs. One of my computers used to only route audio from programs that started running after the headset was connected, so whatever audio was playing before still came through the speakers.

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    Uh, no currently I can't keep the damn thing on unless it's physically connected to a power source.
    I don't keep it connected at all times, I actually just bought it less then 7 hours ago, and started fiddling with it. I don't want it set up so that programs that start up after the connection are started up use that headset. I am just asking for a way to set it so only vent responds to the headset.

    But doing it where i just boot up whatever i want first and then boot up vent second could be a possible solution, even if it is a bit aggravating.

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