[The Secret World] Come play Pretty Princess Dress Up!



  • ringswraithringswraith Registered User regular
    Spoit wrote: »
    Oh yeah, maki, have you had any luck actually finding a raid with your hours yet?

    I've given up on ever getting into one.

  • amnesiasoftamnesiasoft Thick Creamy Furry Registered User regular
    I know you said weekends are for family and other things you don't have time for on weekdays, but would it be so bad to take one Saturday off, so to speak?

  • FeldornFeldorn Mediocre Registered User regular
    Don't even need to take the whole day.

  • ringswraithringswraith Registered User regular
    New thread up @ this location.

    But to answer the question, yes, it could be. Sometimes I don't even get to see my family sometimes (like last weekend) because we have so much other stuff going on that I don't think it's fair for me to attend a raid and not be able to commit to doing it again at some point. Not to mention I have zero experience in it- who would invite me to a raid and teach me, knowing it's very likely I won't be joining them again anytime soon?

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