Recommendations for replacement for iphone/itunes?

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Hey all.

My past couple phones have all been iPhones but I'm looking to change devices. While the iPhone is good, it's just a bit too pricey for what I get IMO and I'm sick of iTunes. I stuck with the iPhone until now largely due to inertia, having all my music in iTunes and not wanting to redo my entire music library, playlists etc.

Having done some googling I've found something called ITunes Export, so I should be able to export my iTunes playlists into a format readable by another media player.

What I liked most about the iPhone was that I had my phone and music player in one device, so I'd like whatever new phone I go for to have reasonable storage space (~30gigs) and good audio quality.

The thing is, I don't know jack about android/windows phones or any other media players for the pc. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for the whole iTunes/iPhone deal? I've been looking at the LG G2, it looks pretty good but again, I'm totally ignorant here.

Thanks in advance!

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    The rumored release date of the LG Nexus 5 (actual phone designed by Google, not just the OS) is the end of October. While I think it will probably retail out of your price range, it should push the prices of some of the more expensive Android phones on the market down a bit.

    What carrier do you use?

    Also, while having it all in one is nice, I've found that a dedicated mp3 player is actually more useful if you're going to be listening to it while walking around and you can shave a hell of a lot off the cost of a phone if you get less storage on it. Sometimes easily enough to just buy a player. I don't think audio quality is even a thing with phones at this point, with good headphones anything that isn't bottom of the pile will sound just fine.

    Why do you need a new phone?

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    Price isn't really an issue, I just felt that when I compared the specs on the Apple stuff to their competitors I was paying a premium for it just being Apple.

    My carrier is Swisscom, I live in Switzerland. I can't get a new contract phone until June next year, but I'm alright with buying a phone outright.

    The lower price for a dedicated mp3 player is a factor to consider, but for me the convenience of having my phone and music player in the same device trumps that.

    I need a new phone because my iphone is slowly dying on me (lock button not working most of the time, screen getting unresponsive) and while I could send it in for repairs, it's out of warranty. I'm also sick of being saddled with iTunes. My experience with the Apple stuff has been that if you like things the way they do them, their stuff is excellent. If you don't like the way they do things, you're shit outta luck.

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