Bookmarked Thread New Posts always at 12:01am

HounHoun Registered User regular
So, here's a fun bug I ran into this morning.

I bookmarked today's comic thread, which was posted by Geth at 12:01am:

When I go to My Bookmarks, this thread appears in the list and gets blue-flagged as normal when there are new posts, but the most-recent post is labeled incorrectly (on this page only) as having been made at 12:01am. Which pushes this thread down the page by the default Most Recent Post Sort Order.

Just a funny little glitch.

Here's a picture of the behavior on the Bookmarks page:

And a link to that post, which was from 9:27am, not 12:01am:

Houn on


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    It's because the new comic threads are auto-sunk. This is a side-effect of a sunk thread.

  • HounHoun Registered User regular
    Huh. I guess I never noticed that before. Still seems like a bug; while I understand the behavior for the subforum listing, on my bookmarks I'm interested in what's been newly posted to, regardless of it's sunk-status.

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