Alright I concede I am sure its something obvious but I can't find it.

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I don't know if my search operators are invalid or if I am just glassing over what I am looking for because of the frustration caused by not being able to figure out a simple thing. I deserve to be laughed at, cause if I don't then you either can't do what I want to do or something is broken.

I am moving to a different state shortly and will need to change my ISP, this means losing the email address I signed up for PA with all those years ago. I don't know if I lose access to it when I close my service account, I assume it does, but the thought of using an email for an ISP that I don't receive my connection from bothers me at a very deep and fundamental level for some reason.

My name is BeastGraphix and I don't know how to change the primary email address attached to my PA account. Can someone please hold my hand and take me to the place where I can accomplish my quest?

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