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I was about to post a comment about the most recent Shut Up & Sit Down. I was told I had to log in, not surprising. I wasn't sure if I already had a login or not because if I've ever posted it was long enough ago I forgot. I know what my login name would be if I had one so I tried it. Turns out I do have one but its been inactive long enough they wanted me to confirm my e-mail address, ok still not surprising. I obviously made it through most of the hurdles or I wouldn't be typing this right now. But when I tried to post the actual comment that led to me being here (SU&SD), it said "DiscussionID is required." I searched for a couple of minutes here on the forums and found LOTS of hits for DiscussionID but they were all that word and then a number. I didn't see any discussion about what they are or how you get one. Any help is appreciated.


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    I believe the thread for the latest one is here.

    Hope that helps.

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    Ok that worked. So I have to find it in the forum. The place below the video that says Leave a Comment is just a decoy?

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    No, I tested that spot and it worked for me. Does it still not work for you? Have you had issues posting to any other comment spots? I thought you were asking for the thread.

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  • AkadiasAkadias Dr TexasRegistered User regular
    Just a few moments ago I tried to post directly there and it worked. A couple of hours ago it DID NOT work there but did work when I posted here in the forums. As for posting in other spots, as I said I don't remember ever posting here prior to today. I think I probably did once or twice because I already had a user identity and I can't imagine having created one and then not posting anything. Ok here are my best guesses from a troubleshooting standpoint, anybody who actually is in the know can use this if it looks useful but from my standpoint it is just a guess based on logic and programming experience in other places: Perhaps it didn't let me post there because of the combination of it being the first comment (therefore perhaps not already having an ID assigned because no comments already existed) and my login having been unused for so long that it needed to be verified through the hoops I mentioned jumping through before. Its just a guess.

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