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What's Happening?!?

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So about a year ago I stopped buying single issues for a couple reasons but I won't get into that. So in the last year I've pretty much been picking up things that I need to have in trade older comics and comics that I just didn't get from the beginning... y: the last man, fables, the invisibles, sleeper, .... alot more. I did keep getting all star superman, ex machina, and astonishing x-men. Well anyway I want to start up getting singles again and just kinda start getting them as they start going. So new minis, new ongoing just whatever. Then I realized their really isn't much I want starting up right now. I've just noticed I dont' think their are many titles I'm interested in. Before I stopped getting single issues I was picking up 12-15 titles a month. Now I feel like I'd want about 6-8. Am I the only one thinking comic people need to step it up again?

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