MtG: Let's take two premade decks and COMBINE

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So, because I recently moved across the US, I didn't have my Magic decks on me. Well, I went to a nearby game store and bought two premade decks, Sacrificial Bam (Mirrodin Red/Black) and Dead Again (9th Ed. Black). After I got them, I started working some magic and came out with the following deck (which also uses some cards I got from two 9th ed. boosters at PAX):

17x Swamp
4x Vault of Whispers

3x Disciple of the Vault
2x Cathodian
2x Hollow Dogs
2x Necrogen Spellbomb
2x Pyrite Spellbomb
2x Myr Retriever
2x Iron Myr
2x Leaden Myr
2x Gravedigger
2x Unholy Strength
2x Highway Robber
1x Nekrataal
1x Pentavus
1x Deathgazer
1x Consume Spirit
1x Dross Scorpion
1x Megrim (from PAX. Foil, too)
1x Tanglebloom
1x Nightmare
1x Skeleton Shard
1x Underworld Dreams
1x Raise Dead
1x Nuisance Engine
1x Demon's Horn
1x Dark Banishing

I still need to do some more tweaking on it, but for combining two premade decks, this has some pretty nice strategies (would be even more so if I could get another Braids and throw that in there). What decks can or have you made out of two premade decks?

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    I did a tournament once where we used a starter deck and bought 3 boosters of our choice to supplement the deck. It was a lot of fun. I got the white samurai deck and bought saviors (balls to the wall man). I went out first round.

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