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Phone [chat]



  • TehSlothTehSloth Hit Or Miss I Guess They Never Miss, HuhRegistered User regular
    syndalis wrote: »
    you don't have a choice on a level by level basis... but I know me.

    I will end up figuring out if I just do THIS THING for 50 levels, I can get this power from the opposite side of the map which will then let me do THIS, which I will then need another 30 levels to synergize with the power from over there... and...

    noope. It's not saying its a bad game. It is probably a great game. It just cannot be a game I play.

    I have spent 40 hours of my life making one weapon in Lord of the Rings Online just to get all of the legacies the way I want, and that system seems far less complex than this one.

    I was reading about skills last night and you can get some combinations (not easily) that will kill you I guess

    like there is a major skill that sets your hp to 1

    and then a skill on the opposite side that uses blood to cast spells instead of mana

    blood magic is great because with life leech you can cast spells forever, and there are too many way to expensive spells that without it or an absolutely ridiculous amount of regen you just wouldn't be able to spam for more than a few seconds.

    FC: 1993-7778-8872 PSN: TehSloth Xbox: SlothTeh
  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Tamin wrote: »
    spool32 wrote: »
    I installed Path of Exile

    I am realspool there

    gaem me

    is that the account name or the character name? [chat] yesterday left me with the impression you can only friend characters, not accounts.

    It is the character!

  • CindersCinders Whose sails were black when it was windy Registered User regular
    Lady coat and the frozen midwest.

  • ronyaronya Arrrrrf. the ivory tower's basementRegistered User regular
    trying to hit all the Reduced Mana nodes might be a bad idea, in retrospect

    but if I don't, then I shouldn't be trying to play a Scion for this build. hmm

  • BobCescaBobCesca Registered User regular
    I think I have come up with an alternative for the failed macaroons that don't involve me having to go out and buy more stuff. yay!

  • PantsBPantsB Registered User regular
    Just found out my company is going to bid to create the electronic health record for the DoD (not the VA, just active duty stuff). That's going to be some high pressure meetings.

    QEDMF xbl: PantsB G+
  • skippydumptruckskippydumptruck (♡°◡°) Registered User regular
  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    This thread is no longer active, and will be recycled.
    @Abdhyius will create the new thread
    @spool32 is backup

  • Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!! Cambridge. MAModerator mod
    edited November 2013
    Cinders wrote: »
    Lady coat and the frozen midwest.


    lady coats are tough and i probably won't be much help in general

    the problem is mostly that traditionally women's garments were much more fashion-oriented than men's garments. this basically meant that lady clothes were only intended to be worn for a season before the look was moded, and this was reflected in their construction. they were flimsy and shitty, but happily generally priced accordingly.

    this is changing some, i believe, but not 100% is the direction i'd prefer - basically certain sectors of menswear is now getting designed and built the way that traditional ladies clothes are. i'm looking at you express and AX and A&F and hollister etc.

    probably your choices are going to be:

    a) practical and durable and reasonably priced but maybe a little frumpy - for this i'd recommend lands end or maybe ll bean. their menswear is actually pretty classically styled and largely kind of smart. their womenswear though has a tendency to make you look like you live in like maine or wisconsin.

    b) won't keep you warm and will maybe last a season but will be cheap and cute: H&M

    c) expensive, middling durability, and styled a little different than you probably want: ann taylor, brooks brothers women's lines. brooks especially is pretty preppy but if you think you can rock that go for it

    d) stuff that is more translady friendly: i have heard that lane bryant is good for this. their whole business model is building flattering cuts and also dealing with customers respectfully. if you're at the mall you might want to stop in and see what's up.

    Irond Will on
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