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Panelists needed for potential PAX East panel on Gamification

kimbellinakimbellina Berkeley Heights, NJRegistered User regular
I'm trying to put together a PAX East panel submission on the topic of Gamification, and it looks like I need to have the panelists already selected before applying. If you (or someone you know) already has PAX East passes and has used Gamification techniques, please let me know!

I'd really like to host this panel to help spread the idea of gamifying experiences for increased engagement, and to share some of my ideas on how to create gamified systems. For some background on me, I'm a Software Engineering Manager, and I use gamification techniques to encourage good development practices amongst my engineers. I've created something called "pairing poker" which encourages everyone to pair program, and "attack Fridays" where everyone in my organization spends some time role-playing as a certain type of user (such as the barbarian that button mashes until the system either works or crashes horribly).

Potential titles for the panel are "Gaming the System" or "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun", but I'm still open to ideas if any of you have any.


  • sfford2008sfford2008 Registered User regular
    can you pm me the details? I do not know if I can add value to this or not but I have been researching loyalty program development for retailers and gamification is a big part of it...not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I might be able to add value from a business standpoint

  • AerjenAerjen Registered User new member
    Hi Kimbellina,

    I'd be interested in learning a bit more about the details of the panel. Feel like sending me a PM too? I've got a background in psychology and might be interested in contributing to the panel as well.



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