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  • contrefaitcontrefait Registered User regular
    Dear Fictional being in the sky,

    It has been 13 years since my last confession.. wait wrong guy. I was totally good this year and didn't do anything at all that would require me to go to the confessional at all. Yup, totally good.

    So I'm totally into video games and tv shows, movies, books, and comic books. All kinds of consumable mass media. Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Doctor Who, are just a few of the things that I can think of off the top of my head.

    I have an amazon wishlist that will totally get filled in at some point in the next day or two and my steam wishlist will get filled in too.

    I've had a rough year, I got out of a 2.5 year relationship back in March and I'm just barely getting caught back up on games so I'm totally looking forward to picking up some of the games I had to skip over the last few years and playing them. I've got a 3DS, Xbox 360, Nexus 4 and 7, and a PC. I recently had to scrape off a decal from my 3DS because it got messed up in my bag just before prime this year. It was a sweet ass looking Arcanine Decal and I miss it. Luckily my Doctor Who decal for my mac laptop survived. Now I just need to figure out a cool one for my newer gaming laptop, Lenovo Y510P.

    Booze and booze related items are also cool. Whiskeys are awesome and Irish whiskey is my favorite.

    Crazy random stuff is also cool.

    So I'm going to wrap this rambling up and hope I got this in before deadline because I thought I had another day.

    All glory to the HypnotoadTube.

    PAX East 2016 Checklist
    Passes: ▬ Hotel: ▬ Flight: [color=red]☑[/color]
  • YsterathYsterath Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dearest Cardboard Tube Diety that resides in the heavens above us,

    I realize that I am a horrible person for waiting until the last minute to type forth my praises to you as well as express my desires for some sort of rewards for good decent behavior this past year.

    As we have previously discussed in our rather one sided conversations I have many interests ranging from cosplay to tabletop to console.

    One of the types of geekery that has most occupied my life this past year is that of LARPing. Yes I am one of those silly people who goes outside and hits people with foam swords and runs around in the woods. It is a great stress relief.

    I also like things involving Pokemon and have cleared both X and Y. Doctor Who and Supernatural continue to be some of my favorite of the programs on the ancient device known as the television.

    Another hobby I have acquired is due to the kickstarter for Reaper BONES miniatures. I received my pledge from the first of their kickstarters this summer and have not stopped painting them since. Mini painting is fun. More brushes or paints or bases or other things to support this addiction hobby would also be nice things to receive as gifts.

    If worse comes to worse I have an amazon wishlist that I will endeavor to put things on at some point though many things on there are simply suggestions for family members who do not know me in the ways that you do most wondrous one.

    If clothing is somehow involved in your benefaction a ladies medium is my usual preference.

    I hope that this humble submission is found acceptable to you.


    Ysterath on
  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    Dearest Cardboard Tube in the Sky.

    I've been a good girl this year and I hope you approve of all the hard work I've done!

    I really enjoy all things Space and Amateur Astronomy right now. As well as the Disney character Stitch.

    Oh, and a truly unholy love of Cthulhu.

    I am a gamer, however I do not own a console, so no console games please.

    I'm not a fan of food, clothing, or scarves, as I have an abundance of all of these things.

    I do have a wishlist on think geek & reddit gifts market place, however please do not feel you must stick to that. I am sure I will love anything you send me. Unless it's spiders. Please don't send me spiders. I will cry.

    Much love,


    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • ElSantosElSantos Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Hello Tubes.

    I apologize for not writing this letter until the last possible day. I am ashamed. I don't even post on the forums much, and I am sorry for that as well. But I do loves the IRC channel, and I can't seem to juggle both. It's hard.

    I'm a full-time college student, and I just transferred this semester to a four year institution, pursuing a degree in Media Production. I'll probably nab a minor in Biology, too; science is cool. It's very exciting. And stressful. I'm older than most of my peers, but hey better nate than lever.

    I do love all things media - TV, film, radio/podcasts, video games, music, etc. I'm always willing to try new things though my friends probably think I'm a cynical jerk about some things. (e.g. I love superhero movies, but hated Man of Steel. That kinda thing.) But I'm not that mean, I like tons of things! See:

    TV: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Community, Six Feet Under, X-Files, The Wire, West Wing, Doctor Who stuff, Whedon stuff, MST3K.
    Movies: Pacific Rim, Dark Knight, Alien, LOTR trilogy (though I'm weird and disliked Hobbit), David Fincher, Terry Gilliam, Tarantino, Edgar Wright, all things Pixar, HTTYD, and Avengers. I always think I should watch more film classics, but never get around to it.
    Games: Bioshock series, Borderlands, Mass Effect series, Portal series, Walking Dead, and Journey. I used to have an MMO "problem" but I'm currently unattached to any. Recently played a bunch of GTA V and Pokemans X. My Steam id is ElSantos and PSN is ElSantosss. I don't own any tabletop/card games and sometimes that makes me sad.

    I have listed too many things. I am sorry. I don't know how to make this any shorter. Do not be mad, Mr. Tubes. I'm really not a picky person, and I always fail at making some kind of wishlist. There are too many things on the internet. But I hope this helps. Also my t-shirt size is XL. And I have no allergies. And I don't like beer but all other spirits are nifty.

    Thank you, you are the best, and everyone loves you,


    ElSantos on
  • aBByNormaLaBByNormaL Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dear great and wonderful tube,

    Let me know and understand others desires and needs and the wisdom to know the difference between kitsch and nerd gold.

    This will be my first foray to bask in your greatness so be gentle as I stand in awe of you from afar ... Heck everything is far when you live on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

    I hope that I have been good and that my offerings shall help others to know me better as I hope to know them.

    I am an older gamer which means I pretty much buy what I want and have an amazing backlog of console games to go through. So best not to go there .... But thanks for the thought. Please nothing Minecraft my daughter loves it but I fail to see the attraction ....

    I am a lover of the fantasy genre and the collected works of Philip Jose Farmer (World of Tiers), Robert Aspirin (Myth inc.), Robert Silverberg and Harry Harrison (Stainless Steel Rat). Luv me some old school TMNT. I love retro and original game (read fan) art. Have too many t-shirts than any one closet should hold.

    Games I'm playing or love ... Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Left for Dead, Uncharted. I love a good story to go with my gameplay.

    I am a lover of single malt scotch ... which I know great tube is beyond what I may humbly request but is an effort to allow you to know me.

    I love the unique .. the cool .... the odd ... cause face it .. I am!

    I do not play tabletop games not because a desire not to but it is easier to pick up the digital type (that and I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one) .... The life of a Dad means efficiency (too many games too little time). Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks ... So great tube surprise me ...

    (If you wrap me up a Fragdoll for under my tree it would be great !!! lol just kidding tube just kidding)

    Your humble servant ....


    aBByNormaL on
    PAX East 2016 .... gots my Passes [x] Hotel [x] Flights [x] Packed [..] .... ok we're all good !!!!!
  • chupamiubrechupamiubre Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dear Santa i have been a rather horrible evil scientist this year with the lack of world domination and the fact I still have rivals. Though overall i guess things have been not so terrible. I do have some need for supplies with the whole we are gonna spy on everyone, acquiring things and not raising suspensions has become hard. I honestly have been in need of more safety equipment things like lead vests, hazmat suits that are preferably level A rated and full face respirators oh also things with an atomic number greater than 83. Though I am also in need of other things as well like things to watch between experiments or cute things that I can simply have because who does not like cute things like seriously? I still love all things Ghibli, downton and wes anderson though these are not the only things i like simply more of a sampling of the things I enjoy currently. Anyway I am sure you are busy and my list is in flux of late.

    chupamiubre on
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    <prox> i work for dicks
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  • clickpictonyclickpictony Registered User regular
    Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    I have done inventory upon my person, possessions and soul and have deemed the things I am truly in want of:

    I have a great love of coffee and would greatly enjoy an aeropress as a great way of making myself coffee from time to time.

    I also love artwork so some nerdy/generally interesting artwork would be greatly loved. I do have a lot of portal themed art and some really cool retro X-men prints so I'm well stocked on that end, but anything else that you think is beautiful / sufficiently interesting would probably be greatly appreciated by me.

    I love reading, though I have generally given up on physical books (unless they are cool special editions/signed copies) and have greatly enjoyed reading on my tablet. If you have any good book suggestions, I would love to check them out. I love sci-fi, mystery, and comedic novels. Some recent authors I enjoy include Murakami, Scalzi, Gaiman, Cline, and Fitzhugh. Also graphic novels are wonderful including Walking Dead, Transmetropolitan, 100 Bullets, Sandman, Maus, and Books of Magic.

    I love to play games and collect tabletop/card games so if there are any interesting ones you think I should definitely have, I'd love to try them out with friends.

    I have way too many shirts so I'd really prefer to not have to do any more throwing out of old shirts to make room for new ones. I also don't do physical copies of movies/TV series anymore. So any of those would be greatly appreciated if they could be avoided.

    Thank you Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky for this great holiday and may the bobcats show you sufficient respect through their gift giving and random attacks.

  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Moderator mod
    Hail Sky Tube,

    Cutting in at the last minute, as is my way of doing things. I haven't been very active of late, due to my job and life keeping me busy as hell. But, I still like to engage with my peoples when the opportunity arises. And so, here I am, ready to participate in the most ancient of PAX traditions, the bobcats gift exchange.

    My nerdery runs the gamut, ranging from video games to science fiction and back around to tabletop games, both the serious and ridiculous. My recent PAX exploits have been with the PAX Prank which had its own panel this past PAX Prime. I also spent some time on my own youtube channel recently mashing up tv show intros with clips from other shows and movies.

    My amazon wishlist is not quite up to date, but I'm working on it, though it should give some basic insights into the kind of stuff I like. Failing that, you can always stalk me on the PAX IRC channel (#pax on SlashNet) and/or bug some of the people there with questions about me; frellnik probably knows more about me than anybody in there, but you might have trouble getting the details out of her.

    So, magical sky tube, I've rambled on quite long enough. For further stalking, you can always find me on twitter @MoeFwacky and on tumblr. You can also listen in onto the podcast I'm a part of, Irresponsible Random Chatter: the IRC Webcast. The random chatter episodes are probably more of an insight than the movies, but it's your time, so do with it what you will.


  • GermanCityGirlGermanCityGirl Twitter Administrator SeattleRegistered User regular
    O Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky.

    It's far too binary a question to debate whether or not I've been good but I've definitely had fun this year so let's call it a draw, shall we?

    You'll find me pretty much everywhere as GermanCityGirl so stalk me on the Internets (in the non-creepy fashion, eh?) and you should discern my likes. Some hints: Wonder Woman, otters, Catbug, and dairy-free chocolate (no dairy at all in any form, please) are things that make me smile. I also like bacon and butterscotch but those are both plentiful in Seattle and it's hella hard to find vegan butterscotch! As lovely as they might be, no t-shirts please. My collection far exceeds what I can wear in a Seattle summer though I love arm warmers and scarves. Favourite colours: red + black.

    Affectionately and with great reverence,
    - GermanCityGirl

    PS. I've been instructed to say that I have been granted special permission from the benevolent and lovely SmallLady to participate.

    Next PAX: PAX East 2013
    Previous PAX: PAX Prime 2012

    "Money can't buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits."
  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    All posts after this one should be pictures of received gifts.

    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
    zerzhulMoe Fwacky
  • msuroomsuroo Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Came home to an unexpected package on the doorstep, which is usually the result of me forgetting that I ordered something or a recurring shipment of diapers. Today was a much nicer surprise!

    Sincerest thanks to my secret bobcat, Lady Amalthea. Can't wait to get a game on!

    msuroo on
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  • Lady AmaltheaLady Amalthea Registered User regular
    I got home from my multiprong trip to Iceland/New Orleans/New Jersey to my Secret Bobcat Present! Aren't little Babs and Nightwing the cutest? Also, love the USB light up tree!

    Thanks, Secret Bobcat Buddy!

    Who is going to PAX South?
    zerzhulNullzoneLittle Miss RachelmsuroozeromystaBByNormaLcookiekrushkropotkinBombClancyLady LilybellmysticodeYsterathrileyper
  • SkeleVaderSkeleVader Your Friendly Dark Lord of Destruction Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Came home yesterday to a surprise package on my doorstep.
    Opened it up to find amazing treasures inside:

    Can't wait to watch Home Alone while playing these games.
    I love it.

    Thanks Sekrit Bobcater

    SkeleVader on

    msuroozeromystaBByNormaLcookiekrushkropotkinzerzhulBombClancyLady LilybellYsterathrileyper
  • DelaneyDelaney Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    I was away for part of the weekend and was too tired last night to have noticed the interesting tube with my mail. Tonight I definitely saw it.

    Now, it doesn't say anything about bobcats on it, but given it is addressed to me with my forum name and my real name, I'm hard-pressed to guess what else it could be. Besides, it certainly looks like an avatar of the Great Cardboard Tube.

    The contents also seem to be happily in line. The mysterious roll I pulled out of the tube contained two prints:

    This is a LotR/Galadriel print. I love the way Gimli is peeking out in the bottom left corner.

    This is a Dr. Who/Alice in Wonderland mashup. I am amused by the Dr. Who "Bad Wolf" reference in a fairytale mashup, even if there wasn't a wolf in Alice's tale.

    I will be finding suitable frames for these and putting them in the den near the computer, where they should be right at home.

    Thank you, Secret Bobcat person!

    Delaney on
    "I will participate in the game. It's a wonderful, wonderful opera, except that it hurts." - Joseph Campbell

    Steam: delaney_a

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  • purevalpureval Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    So after a rather slow day at work and one of the most stressful commutes home I have ever had I arrive home. Upon getting in the door and removing my boots and various articles of cold weather clothing I spy the mail pile. After digging past a few bills and ads to create more bills I discover 2 packages. The first being my Pinny Arcade pins I ordered. The second being an Amazon box.

    "Amazon?" I say questioningly, "I have not ordered from Amazon." Upon closer inspection and a few curious/threatening glances from my wife I discover that is a present. A present I can only assume came from...A bobcat! "Boy this thing is heavy for a little box" I said weightily as
    I grab a box cutter from my extensive collection (one of the many benefits of a career in retail) and open the box

    And what is inside? Diamonds? Gold? An original Ducktales 2 NES cartridge in box? A baffling light that fans will argue over for years to come? No better!

    A complete (I think? Maybe? Mostly? Ah heck with it, complete enough for me) set of Cards Against Humanity!I have been wanting this for a while. Alas, there was no note so I can identify my generous Santa. But whomever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my_____________
    Fetal alcohol syndrome.

    pureval on
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  • FrugusFrugus Photographer MontrealRegistered User regular
    pureval wrote: »
    A complete (I think? Maybe? Mostly? Ah heck with it, complete enough for me) set of Cards Against Humanity!I have been wanting this for a while. Alas, there was no note so I can identify my generous Santa. But whomever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my_____________
    Fetal alcohol syndrome.

    That was me! You are quite welcomed :)

    I'm sorry about the lack of a note, in fact I am quite surprised. Either I forgot to submit it or I have completely imaged that nice text I had written for you to go along with the gift!

    It went a little something like this!

    "Dear Pureval.

    I heard that last year you had some issues with your Bobcatting adventures so I wanted to make sure you would not have to wait too long! More importantly, as a long time PAXian, I was surprised to see that you did not have this PAX staple! How horrid! Hence, I wanted to make sure you would be ready for 2014. Hopefully we will find some time to play a game (Westin Mezzanine?). "

    Frugus Eggbeater
  • purevalpureval Registered User regular
    Thank you very much Frugus.I had been debating it for a while, but kept putting it off. My wife and I had a blast messing around with it tonight. I look forward to playing a round with you next year.

  • aBByNormaLaBByNormaL Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Very nice Frugus ... heck I had to look up what these were ... lol ... but they look fun .... I had seen references before but really had no clear idea about them

    aBByNormaL on
    PAX East 2016 .... gots my Passes [x] Hotel [x] Flights [x] Packed [..] .... ok we're all good !!!!!
  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    Guys, I love you guys. but this is a 100% no discussion thread. It makes it too hard to track things, please discuss in the other thread. I'm going to ask Z to move your posts.

    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • NullzoneNullzone Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    I received a box just the other day that has been suspiciously mrrowling at me since...decided I should probably open it before it got angry.

    Yay! I played with the Darkness Unleashed expansion at PAX Prime and really liked it, so I'm glad to be able to infuse my Rise of Vigil set with these cards. And Harley Quinn stuff is always awesome :D

    The sushi candy has regrettably complicated instructions on the back for how to make it into actual candy; the pictures aren't informative enough, so I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. But it's a silly fun thing and I'm glad that it was sent to me ^_^

    Thanks, @cookiekrush!

    Nullzone on
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  • griff6659griff6659 Syracuse , NYRegistered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Well this member of Team Hoth was surprised to see a brown package on his porch with a light dusting of snow on it this morning. I cautiously brought it inside and set it on the table. Upon opening the box and getting over that initial fear of a bobcat pouncing on me I find a very nice note from msuroo! Under the note I became nervous as I saw the brown fur but it ended up being a friendly bobcat! I think I'll name him Steve :)


    The pint glass has D&D on top and a d20 on it. I shall fill it with beer tonight and take another picture and post here for all to see! It's frowned upon for me to drink before work :( I'm excited to play with the B-Wing this week! I hope to find you at PAX East msuroo and play a game Love Letter and buy you a beer! Thank you for these amazing gifts!

    griff6659 on
    Well, that is a thing!

    PAX East 2014:
    Hotel [x] Transportaion [Driving] Passes [x] Challenge Coin [Soon]

    draklancookiekrushaBByNormaLzeromystmsurooNullzonekropotkinzerzhulLady LilybellYsterathrileyper
  • bubblegumnexbubblegumnex Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    What's this what's this?

    Oh look, what's this?

    ....Oh my

    My chain mail is thoroughly rocked! This couldn't have come at a better time, since I'm on the verge of wrapping up Game of Thrones Season 3

    Thank you Sekrit Bobcat!

    bubblegumnex on
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    <@zerzhul&gt; you win at twdt
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  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    edited November 2013

    When I got home the other day what should I find but a suspicious parcel... Fortunately my housebobcat was already on the case and on the box.

    But what should be under this wrapping?

    I suppose I could use 100 folders... And they're all in different colors which is pretty sweet. Better open it to make sure it has 100 folders in there otherwise I'm going to have to talk to the manufacturer.

    Huh. That doesn't look like a 100 folders in there. :( You just can't trust the post these days. I'll bet someone at the post office stole my 100 folders and replaced them with random stuff they no doubt stole from other parcels. Better make a list of these knick-knacks so I can file a proper complaint with the post office.

    One copy of Room 25 by Matagot...check.

    One Box of Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs and One Box of Tokidoki's Marvel Frenzies...check.

    One copy of Ender's Game...make that a copy of 'Actual Ender's Game TM'...check. Which begs the question, are there really that many knockoffs of Ender's Game on the market? 'Oh boy! Look they got copies of Onder's Game and Erder's Flame!'

    One bar of Godiva's Solid Milk Chocolate... No, Bobiel! You can't eat it!

    Three sets of J!nx stickers...check. Bobiel attempting to photobomb here as well.

    Well that looks like that's all of it. Huh, I thought I remembered there was a piece of paper in the box and where did Bobiel go off to...


    I swear I spoil that bobcat far too much. I'm ashamed to say that Bobiel made a bit of a mess all over your letter @aBByNormaL. But to answer your question, you did assist in adding to my Christmas cheer. These are all very sweet gifts that scratch all my itches very well. In particular I'm looking forwards to giving Room 25 a proper spin with the family. :) Ender's Game will be joining my collection once I give it another reading with a nice mug of hot chocolate on the side.

    Thank you very much for these thoughtful gifts and I apologize for any difficulties I may have caused you in figuring out my likes.

    P.S. If anyone was wondering what was inside the Micro Muggs and Marvel Frenzies boxes...

    Punisher: Hey Stark. Do a guy a solid and help me back onto my feet. I seem to have fallen and I can't get back up.
    Iron Man MK-XXXIX 'Gemini': No can do, Frank. I'm busy with making a list of the models I'm dating next month.
    Punisher: ... You suck, Stark.

    Kirindal on
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  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Earlier this week I received the dreaded Royal Mail red card that tells me they tried to deliver something but I wasn't in to receive it. This is fairly typical as I'm hardly ever at home, what with work and my frequent attendance at board game meet-ups. Anyway I noticed on the card the addressee was 'Kropotkin'. At that point I knew it was my Secret Bobcat!

    So this morning I wandered over to my local sorting office where local people get their local mail from, because it's local.

    The local post master proffered me with a tube. This tube was clearly not local as it had USPS emblazoned across it, as well as the words 'Secret Bobcat 2013 from Nullzone':

    Upon opening the distinctly not local tube I found two spell binding pictures of characters from one of my favourite games of this year, Bioshock Infinite:


    They are now framed and mounted on my living room wall:

    I was really taken aback by how fantastically representative of both characters. Thank you so, so , so much @Nullzone you really nailed it with this gift!

    BTW the 2 copies of Cards Against Humanity are the UK versions and Rayman Legends is something I bought while I was out picking up the non-local tube.

    zerzhul on

    NullzonemsuroopurevalMagicSwordKingKirindalaBByNormaLzerzhulLady LilybellYsterathzeromystrileyper
  • ElSantosElSantos Registered User regular
    I got a delivery from FedEx today, saw the sender was CAH, and tore through the packaging before even thinking of creating some kind of clever series of unboxing photos. Here is the aftermath:

    This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for Inspector 201, you have inspected thoroughly, and everything was in proper order.

    Thanks so much Skelevader! I'm looking forward to finally playing a phyical, non-IRC version of the game! :P

    kropotkinaBByNormaLpurevalSkeleVaderzerzhulLady LilybellYsterathzeromystrileyper
  • Little Miss RachelLittle Miss Rachel Geek Chick Before Geek Was Chic Idahoan ExileRegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    I missed a package on Saturday! Came home to naught but a teasing USPS notice that I had a thing! But this morning I was able to turn that lonely card into a box!

    Shaking were my hands as I opened the box to find...another box!

    Taunted and teased so, I opened the box, half expecting to find another box. Just boxes all the way down! But instead, I found a plethora of bobcat goodies!

    Just look at them all!

    First up we have the requisite guardian of the shinies! Being undead must have been very advantageous in that air-tight box, I don't think a live bobcat would have made it.

    Next, the curiously squishy bag...what could be inside? Ooooo, socks! Warm fluffy socks! Now my toesies won't be cold!

    And to go with the warm fluffy socks...a hat and gloves! Now my ears and fingers can join my toesies in being toasty warm. <3

    Moving on to the less soft packages...what do we have here? Tetris sticky notes, and Super Mario stickers! That Peach is getting a prominent home on my 3DS, and I see much mushroom-bombing of random objects in my future. Not sure if I can bring myself to actually use the sticky notes as sticky notes, they may just stay on my desk for keeping my idle hands busy arranging and rearranging them. =D

    Next are a couple rectangles, suspiciously similar in shape and size...oh ho ho! Sentinels of the Multiverse promo decks! The mighty heroes, Unity and The Scholar!

    And because heroes are nothing without villains to fight, and because one simply cannot have a fight without it being in a place, the dastardly Miss Information, the villainous Ambuscade, and the treacherous environment of the Final Wasteland!

    Another box box...

    What holds the box, precious? Yay! Forum swag!

    And last but not least (not least at all, it's the biggest one of all!)...tea! The perfect cure for anything that ails you! Leg trapped under debris? There's tea! Took an arrow to the knee? Try tea!

    I am a lucky lucky girl, so much bobcat goodness! Thank you, Tube! Thank you, most secretive of bobcats@draklan!


    It has been brought to my attention that I was a careless giftee and failed to notice that the address label was not an address label at all, but a cleverly disguised envelope! So sekrit!

    Little Miss Rachel on
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  • PRDPRD Kristin Lindsay I am a meat popsicle.Registered User regular

    The UPS guy jauntily delivered a parcel today. I opened it up and found not one but TWO gifts inside!!! So I promptly tore them open like a barbarian. Whoops! Probably should have photodocumented the unboxing, right? I feel kinda bad about that. I can't show you what the pretty presents looked like, so here is a photo of my dog and her dreidel instead.

    The presents had tags, which I read first because I'm not a total lummox. My Sekrit Bobcat is also known as @kropotkin!!

    Item the First! I was super excited because I've had my eye on this for a while now. Well-played, Sekrit Bobcat. Well-played indeed.

    Little Miss PRD grabbed it and started to leaf through it. "Don't look at the first ones!" shouted Mr. PRD. "You'll go blind!!" I like this photo because if you squint at it, it looks like the Creeper is angrily hovering above the pages.

    Item the Second! The cover photo says it all. I need those buns (ahem).

    Mr. PRD was amused by these crafty projects. Little Miss PRD was intrigued. I think I see much knitting in my future.

    Thank you so very, very much, Sekrit @kropotkin! Your bobcat was a total home run. <3

    zerzhulSmallLadycookiekrushkropotkinNullzoneaBByNormaLKirindalLady LilybellYsterathzeromystrileyper
  • AtomicGaryBuseyAtomicGaryBusey Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Today was a great day, thanks in major part to my Sekrit Bobcat. I got home from a "meh" day at the office to find a package all laden with customs labels and a source of Victoria, Australia:

    Unfortunately, the NO BAR CODE DATA sticker is unhelpfully covering the name on the From label. Curiosity aroused, I opened up this mystery box from an exotic land far away:

    Packed full of goodies, I'm so excited to see what it is. There's a note on top that says simply:

    Hrmm, "Your delivery fella". The mystery deepens. No signature, no handle, no discernible full name. Let's see if there are any more clues:

    Man oh man, I couldn't have asked for anything better. A package of Caramello Koalas. Totally Australian (you can tell by the koalas) and totally tasty. In fact, my son was thrilled with this part of the present:

    Included are also a package of TimTams, which I've been told by half of PAX IRC are great. I can't wait to try them with the Padre Espresso (made in Australia) that was also included. A LEGO castle set is also in the box, which is awesome. I haven't gotten new LEGO for my own since I was 14!! :D

    As if the candies and LEGO weren't enough, my two personal favorite items in the box are up next - the "PAX AUS 2013" iron-on patch, and the PAX AUS lanyard. I really can't begin to tell you how stoked I am to own PAX AUS gear. This was very cool and such a totally awesome surprise.

    Speaking of surprises, according to the letter there is a part two coming. I'll make an updated post when it arrives. Oh, and I suspect I solved the mystery of who my Bobcat is:

    THANK YOU, @Aussie Ben !! This has been an AWESOME sekrit bobcat!! :D

    zerzhul on
    cookiekrushaBByNormaLkropotkinzerzhulLady LilybellYsterathzeromystrileyper
  • MagicSwordKingMagicSwordKing | (• ◡•)|╯╰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) PhiladelphiaRegistered User regular
    I'll put pictures up in a little while but my bobcats arrived safely in their new home! I look forward to consuming one of them in particular! Thanks, DashD!

    Aperture Safety Personal Observation Tester for Aperture Testing and Observation, Honorary Alphanaut, Grandmaster of the Tychonian Guard, Chronicler of the House of Brahe, Senior Editor for Mustache News, Agent of O.S.P.R.E.Y., PAX COPS Detective Inspector, and PAX Tours Saboteur.

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    "No he starts in fantasy and ends in chaos."
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I was gifted Guncraft on steam by @zeromyst :) I don't have any pictures to offer, as it didn't really occur to me that it was bobcat related since it had no note and steam gifts tend to fly around this time of year due to all the sales :P Once I actually thought about it, and the person sending it, I figured it must be bobcat related!

    Thanks sir! I've been eyeing that game for awhile, saw it at Prime 2012 in the indie area on the 6th floor.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited December 2013
    Bah, turns out it WAS just a random gift cause @zeromyst is super cool! Sorry for fucking that up! Not bobcat related at all!

    zerzhul on
  • FrugusFrugus Photographer MontrealRegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    It appears my terrible (I can't quit you addiction to Kerbla Space Program has not gone unnoticed! I have to admit that I sometimes go back to my childhood roots whenever I see anything related to space since I discovered this wonderful game, and such was my state of mind when I opened up a box that was addressed to me.

    First, the note! It says El San, but I figure this was actually El Santos!

    I was tripping balls already with this. So Canadian! So Proud!

    I. Cannot. Wait. To. Bring. This. To. Work. I only have KSP screengrabs on my desktop screens and everyone knows how into the game I am at this point. this is like a trophy. This is so awesome.

    More Pride! However you are right, can't bring this one to work, but I will not drink any further hooch without it!

    This is so baller! I think none of this actually exists outside this store which lets you make custom stuff. So unique!!!

    Thank you so, so much El Santos! I hope I will have the chance to shake your hand and play a game with you at PAX East!

    Frugus on
    Frugus Eggbeater
    ElSantoszerzhulaBByNormaLpurevalLady LilybellYsterathzeromyst
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    Now, this is a story all about how
    My BOX got flipped-turned upside down
    And I'd like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I'll tell you how I got the best presents of anyone near

    In western USA I was born and raised
    On the internet was where I spent most of my days
    Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
    And all top lane teemo outside of Vladimir’s pool
    When a single MagicSwordKing who was up to all good
    Started sending gifts to my neighborhood
    I got in one little BOBCATand this girl just stared
    I said 'My gift giver is great and pictures should be shared”

    Should anyone in this house have an issue with the bobcat, we will not have any issues pointing THIS DEVICEat it and reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

    I LOVE THIS THE MOST! It is impossible to top this gift. Really, this ship is a charming third addition to our book shelf.

    Thank you again for my gifts, I really appreciate it and have the notes saved in my card box :)

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
    purevalaBByNormaLSmallLadyzerzhuldraklanMagicSwordKingLady LilybellNullzoneYsterathzeromyst
  • clickpictonyclickpictony Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    So after I was informed that my secret bobcats had been delivered and did not see a package, I checked with my neighbors and found out one of them had recieved it and forgot to tell me about it, but had it sitting to the side waiting for me. I brought it home and set it on my counter, curious what was inside...

    I opened it up and found a couple of packages and a card inside...

    I of course first checked the card and found...

    Zeromyst! Coffee! Zombies! What could this mean? Well let's open up the first gift and find out...

    Walking Dead! This is amazing! I love this graphic series and it gives me a chance to share this wonderfulness with friends!

    So then lets see what this coffee thing is about...

    This is awesome! Now I get to enjoy some fantastic coffee at work!

    This is amazing and wonderful and I'm so happy and thankful for the awesomeness of Zeromyst! Way to be a wonderfully awesome gift giver!

    clickpictony on
    zerzhulpurevalmiker525cookiekrushaBByNormaLLady LilybellYsterathzeromyst
  • APacManAPacMan Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    A Holiday Tale of APacMan

    A package, for me? Oh what could it be...

    A pink cat-squid? Oh, C'thulu bob-kitty!

    And glorious mugs, two, from which I may quaff coffee!

    And not one, nor two, nor even three...
    but, FIVE posters pieces of wall art oh Little Miss Rachel has made this one so happy!

    Forgive me this time, but as a holiday post these lines must now rhyme.
    Thank You, Little Miss Rachel, for in my heart and mind much holiday cheer you will find.

    Every gift in the box was so perfect, and any single one would have been enough to make my holiday. By the Tube in the sky, I wish a very merry Bobcat Holiday season to you all.

    (Disclaimer to prevent confusion: The books in the wall art photo are there simply to hold down the edges until I can frame everything)

    APacMan on
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    Twitter: @APacManSays
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  • QuickSnapQuickSnap Professional Beard Grower Registered User regular
    edited December 2013


    Twas a slow and dreary day at work, until this box arrived, all the way from the farthest shores of New England.


    A plane, unmarked envelope rests on top, but what of it's contents?





    Goodness gracious me! Bobcat has given me delicious no less than four bags of home-baked confectioneries, a 2nd, still secret package, and made a donation to Child's Play in my name. I am quite humbled by this, and excited to see what bobcat still has in store for me.

    The cookies, by the way, are totally fucking delicious and I've totally finished like 3/4 of the JD Sugar Cookies. :D


    Bobcat's 2nd package has arrived!




    Hacha, Beer Nerd! This is awesome! Thank you so much again, @LadyLilybell!
    Thank you Bobcat Lady Lilybell! <3<3

    QuickSnap on
    purevalzerzhulAPacManaBByNormaLdraklanLady LilybellcookiekrushYsterathzeromyst
  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    My Bobcat has arrived from the far away land of Australia! :)


    I'm sure that chibi cthulhu will serve me well! :)

    Thanks @Kwaisy !!!

    z edit: fixed

    zerzhul on
    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
    aBByNormaLdraklanpurevalLady LilybellcookiekrushYsterathzeromyst
  • sacratoysacratoy Colorado, USARegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    This is so unreal. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!

    I love the drawings, and the letter you wrote me. I will savor these chocolate bars for the new few months... and I will treasure the drawings and your letter! Also, thank you for the dice, they have made an excellent addition to my collection, and the figure will live on my desk next to my Cthulhu plushy where I can admire it.

    I am so moved by this entire thing. Have a great holiday, @Jim Sharkmagic !


    More pictures!

    Dem teeth.

    The most adorable bobcat~

    So much better than candy in the US...

    A buddy for my Cthulhu.

    Feeding my dice vice.

    I can't express enough how much I appreciate the art.

    sacratoy on
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    PAX Prime 2014 Preparations Complete
    Jim SharkmagicYsterathpurevalzeromystaBByNormaL
  • YsterathYsterath Registered User regular
    How appropriate that I should be posting after @sacratoy considering while lying in bed sick today I received a package from this upstanding bobcat giver

    New brushes to feed my mini painting hobby


    Om nom nom cupcake patch

    I will end this by letting Espurr stare into your soul

  • VapokVapok Just a Guy. BostonRegistered User regular
    I love it when a plan comes together!

    So the commandos are getting back together! Further proof that soldiers of fortune are indeed a >good< thing!

    I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply since having the package delivered. I was informed by Mr. Z (not to be confused with Mr. T) that I had a package waiting. However, sadly, I have been on travel all week and just got back tonight! The package was safe and sound!

    You may.. or may not... See this helicopter flying around BYOC at PAX East!

    Thank you to my secret bobcat! =) I don't know who you are but you definitely know what I like!

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