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Adobe CC: Premiere, Audition, Batch Process Question

Sharp10rSharp10r Registered User regular
OK, I have a bunch of .WMVs and I want to run a noise removal on all of them in batch from a sound profile I made from one of the files. What's my process? Without batch I would open one in Premiere, edit audio in Audition which would pass it back to premiere automatically. I'm not sure what to use for batch, Premiere or Audition, (or even how to DO batch yet but that's just a google search...) Thanks for any input.


  • nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
    Have you looked at Adobe Media Encoder?

  • Sharp10rSharp10r Registered User regular, as far as I can tell- that would be a great place to get all the edited wmvs into their final format, but I need to run a process on each file's audio and then recombine it with the video. What part would the encoder help with? (Sorry- new to CC- still learning the ropes)

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