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Need advice on Horse Riding as a gift

ThundyrkatzThundyrkatz Registered User regular
I am hoping there are some people here that know a little about horse riding and can help!

When my wife was much younger, she used to ride horses and she even did it competitively. She has mentioned from time to time that she misses doing it and would like to ride again in the future. So, fast forward to today, I would like to get her something like a gift certificate that is redeemable for some time riding some horses, but I am not sure how to go about this.

I have looked up a few horse stables in the area and they all seem to advertise Lessons, mainly geared towards children. Now, its been a long time for her, so maybe this is not such a bad place to start. But ideally, what I had in my mind, was more simple. Just some time in a saddle, on a horse. Maybe later she decides this is awesome, and she can pursue it as a new hobby.

Should I just go visit these places, and talk to the people there and tell them what I am looking for? Is it that simple, or is this more involved?


  • grouch993grouch993 Registered User regular
    If you can, try to find something that isn't just a stable for the general public. Those horses tend to get "hard mouths", learn and plod along the trail, and just grab hold of the bit in their teeth and do what they want. If she owned her own horse, then that sort of experience is very disappointing.

    Maybe look for private stable/lessons?

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  • MrTLiciousMrTLicious Registered User regular
    Should I just go visit these places, and talk to the people there and tell them what I am looking for? Is it that simple, or is this more involved?

    Yes, it is that simple. Think of it as similar to private music lessons in a lot of ways. They are mostly geared to children because those are the people that have to time to invest in that kind of thing, but that doesn't mean it's inherently for children. Go to places and try to get their vibe and see if their philosophy would gel with your wife's.

    Instruction quality can vary a lot, however, and that will be hard to gauge beforehand without knowing your local industry. One thing you might consider is going to a local (not big box) store that specializes in riding gear/equipment and talking to someone. Explain your situation - that your wife is thinking about getting back into riding - and ask what kind of equipment she might need and if there's anyone in town they'd recommend for instruction. Be wary if they try to sell you lots of stuff from the get go. Until/unless she wants to really get back into it, there's no need to buy your own equipment. The stable should have everything you'll need unless she is a very odd size.

  • ThundyrkatzThundyrkatz Registered User regular
    Thank you very much MrTLicious! This was exactly what i was hoping for for advice. Great idea on the local store also. =)

  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    I know that the stables in my city (Dallas) offers group rides, which I attended.

    They teach you the mininum bit of horse riding and lead you out on a trail ride. It's actually a fantastic way to spend a nice Saturday morning. Maybe also look into that?

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