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Cars Incorporated is an independent tycoon game about automotive engineering. The heart of the game is the body-editor which allows you to change the shape of your cars' bodies. This does not only affect how your car looks but also influences what type of car you are building (e.g. sports car, sedan, wagon, van, pickup truck) and some of the properties of the resulting car (e.g. seats, allowed size of engine, trunk size).
The other parts of your cars are also not just a hunt for the next tech level. Engines for instance can be improved in terms of consumption or performance and can in fact become better than the respective basic design of the next tech level.

The sales performance of your cars depends largely on how good or bad your cars are when compared to the other offers in the market. If they are any good they can even win some awards at the end of each year or smoke the competition in the simulated races. Here is a short trailer for the game, consisting of game footage and the voice of an actual radio moderator who offered his voice over services on fiverr (I can't stand my own voice in recordings):

The game is fully playable but still considered an alpha as it still lacks many of the features I intend for the final game. The current demo spans the time from 1900-1905, registered players can currently play from 1900-1930. The next release will up that timeframe to 1895 to 1950.

Here are the important links:
Direct Download Free demo, can be unlocked to full game with a registration key
Homepage (Contains only major news, but those are as the rest of the page in german and english)
Facebook (Very frequent smaller news and development pictures)
Or you can follow my monologues on twitter

Any kind of feedback or questions is very welcome. I'll be checking back here frequently :-)


The last one is a current in-development screenshot featuring the revamped gen 1 body:

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  • MercedMerced Bamberg, GermanyRegistered User new member
    Thanks for posting it.

    Hello, everyone. I am the developer of this game and I will be posting updates for you here.

    I am currently working on v0.30 which will bring a major revamp of the body editor and the rest of the science division. It will introduce small components like mirrors, headlights and others. It will also introduce the third body generation and expand the game time from currently 1900-1930 to 1895-1950 and do some revamps of the simulation and the AI opponents. It will also be the first realease to feature music from german composer Martin Herrmann.

  • MercedMerced Bamberg, GermanyRegistered User new member
    Just a little update on this game:

    I recently updated Cars Incorporated to version 0.30. The most significant change is of course the new and improved body editor, featuring an improved body generation that offers more details and less cut off edges.


    For the player there are more dragpoints to adjust their cars and a lot more colors to choose from. Most significantly the body editor now allows for the addition of components that offer certain bonuses to the car and thus influences sales and tech awards.


    With the new editor I also turned some existing body features into components (engine hood, windshield, wheelhouse) to allow for a even more minimalistic car and an earlier start into the game (1895 instead of 1900 for registered players).
    In the other direction the game was expanded by the 3rd body generation in 1927, featuring a more rounded car design, taking the game all the way to 1950.


    Last but not least, the game is now not as silent as it used to be, as it features the first two original tracks from german composer Martin Herrmann with more coming in future versions.


    You can find the full release information in greater detail here or directly download Cars Incorporated v0.30 here. The demo (unregistered) version can be played from 1900 to 1905.

    And if you wish to make a little extra cash from recommending the game, just make sure you are logged into the site and like the release news on facebook, as that will distribute your referral link. Details on the affiliate program test can be found here.

  • JohnyBGooDJohnyBGooD Registered User new member
    Interesting idea !

  • MercedMerced Bamberg, GermanyRegistered User new member
    Thanks! Glad you like it :-)

    Just so you know, I've updated the game to version 0.31 by now.

    It brings in a couple of new components (mostly tires), some interface improvements and bug fixes.

    Full release information can be found here, you can also directly download the updated version here.

    Additionally in order to increase development speed the game has launched a new Indiegogo campaign. Please share and spread the word and/or contribute.
    There is also a referral contest which could make it very easy to get the game.

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