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First time poster. Kinda nervous, but here goes. I'm a graphic designer, but I love cartooning and illustrations. I make logos and business cards and letterhead and whatever else to pay the bills, but my first love is character art. I read a few web comics, and I browse a lot of art every day and watch a lot of the "Watch Me Draw!" vids out there so I tend to get a bit intimidated. When I make a line that's not perfect, or I can't figure out how to sketch a freakin' hand (notice my character's hands are hidden in her pockets ^^), I get a little discouraged. Needless to say, I have quite a few WIPs... This strip, though, I started around 10 last night, and I was going to leave it til morning after I finished the line art, but I made myself sit down and finish it. I went to bed late, but I felt like I pushed through a wall. This is my first serious attempt at a comic strip.

Anyway. No need to be gentle. I want to improve (I would love to do this full time eventually, i.e., I hate you, business logos.), and I would love feedback.


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas Edison


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    Hey aleyna! Welcome. No need to be nervous. You're looking to learn, which is the best attitude to have. I have a lot of suggestions for you, so let me try and break it down.

    First off, Post some more work. Specifically of any studies or characters that aren't in comic format yet. If you don't have anything that fits that bill, that's a good place to start. In general, though, its hard to get a sense of your overall skill from just this one comic. But I can tell that you need some work on your basics.

    We have a couple resources that you might find useful. First, the monthly enrichment threads:

    We don't have one going right now, But I'll be starting up enrichment again in January. You can look at the old ones to think of assignments for yourself. Start with simple shapes, and extend outwards from there. You may also want to look into Noah's Art Camp:

    This thread will give you some great Ideas on how you should be building up your painting/drawing skills. It is MOSTLY for painting, but doing things like, drawing a still life, or doing some master copies apply to everyone. You may find it more relevant to your interest to focus on cartooning than copying oil paintings of old masters, which is fine, but you'll need to strike a balance.

    Unfortunately, You are sort of at that stage where the only advice to give is to push yourself. You are going to have to fight the uphill battle of doing a lot more technical work, and early on that is going to be met with frustration. You need to train your mind and hand to reliably translate 3D objects onto paper, and that takes work. The more you push through a variety of exercises, the easier gaining these technical skills will become, and the more you'll enjoy the process in general.

    When you start to study, I really recommend you post those. No matter how bad you think they look, they are the best thing for us to critique. When you are doing an exact copy, we can see your source material, and that gets down to the very core of drawing issues. The feedback you receive on core issues is what is going to propel you forward.

    Anyway, Welcome again. I hope you keep working, and keep posting!

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    Thank you! I will check out those links after I finish my work for the day! Hands and feet are my downfall. >.< Sometimes I get them just right, but mostly I end up taking a picture of my own hand in the pose I want and tracing it. My success is random (which I hate).

    I don't draw a lot of traditional, RL objects/people, but I do use RL references when I'm drawing cartoons. I know I need more work on the technical side. Everything I draw ends up looking like a Disney character. O.o Realism is an issue I'm still working to get right. My last job was working in silhouette (designing for a vinyl wall decal company), and I've been having to dig and scrape my way back up to a 3D world.

    I will be searching for exercises and stuff this weekend and hopefully have more to post soon. I'll attach a few of my older things.


    Thanks again!

    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas Edison
  • brokecrackerbrokecracker Registered User regular
    I really like that Owl one.

    I would mirror a lot of what Iruka said and add that drawing and studying things that you might not normally draw (figure drawing, life studies, still lifes) it makes going back to the comfort zone way more fun. Try doing two "assignment" projects and then one fun one and see what happens!

    And as Iruka said, post em! even if you hate them it helps to see where you are and where you are headed. Looking forward to seeing more.

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