Bitcoin or Betacoin for retirement

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I am looking to start investing in crypto currency as a tool to retire early. I've narrowed it down to either going with the more established BitCoin or maybe trying to get on the ground floor of one of the other currencies. Betacoin is exactly such a currency. I figure I can clamp down and put about 20% of my gross away every year.

WHICH should I choose?

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    Invest in Nissan Leafs, dude. No-fail scenario.

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    such currency


    much coin

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    what kind of capital do you have?

    If you can afford to rent a mining pool, bitcoin has some viability left. If you're talking about home mining, something else that can use a bitcoin asic (which are flooding the market cheap) is a better small scale solution.

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    I think tulip bulbs are a safer form of investment.

    Bitcoin and these other crypto currencies are nothing but a speculative bubble and you would be ill advised to seriously invest in this. If you are well and truly convinced this is the wave of the future please just put 1-3% of your retirement savings into this.

    I would suggest buying an index of funds and holding, just forget you even have them and keep regularly throwing in using the same strategy. Look for low/no fee funds. Research John Bogle / Vanguard if you want to understand why I say this.

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    I am looking to start investing in crypto currency as a tool to retire early.

    Are you joking?

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    A safer investment is to take your cash, and light it on fire. Then use the accompanying charcoal to filter water. Sell your "money filters" for more money than you burned.

    You'd be better off investing in literally anything else, if this is a serious question.

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
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