My Halo Master Chief Sculpture

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This is a 10" sculpture of Master Chief I made using apoxie sculpt clay. I had reproductions made in 4 different mediums. On imgur I have some WIP pictures and descriptions and have more pictures on my facebook page

Please let me know what you think.



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    I was going to say that he seems to have tiny little feets, but then I looked at some recent halo concepts and he does seems to have kinda small feet.

    You'll probably get a more interested response if you just post some of the WIP pics in the thread (I'll also be less inclined to think you are just trying to up your views on Imgur/facebook and lock this thread)

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    post more WIPs here.. and please please please post more of your stuff. Sculpture is such a great medium, this i would love to see repped here more. One of my very good friends does this stuff for a living. Being in his studio i know how hard this stuff is and i respect the shit out of those who do it.
    This is an awesome sculpt, and i realy want to see more wip shots, and more of your work!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    Hello Everyone, I posted a couple pictures earlier in the week of a master chief statue I made and was asked to show some more WIP images of the sculpt. So, here they are and please let me know what you think. Thanks!

    I use a clay called Apoxie Sculpt. It's a self hardening two part product that can be molded and then sanded and carved once it firms up. Here's the first pic I took of my master chief statue.

    A close up after some additions. I love how easy it is to add on using this product. Being a father of 4 and having no art work area of my own in the house means I need to be able to set projects aside for long periods of time and come back to them and just start where I left off.

    Legs were added. My wife laughed at his lack of pants :)

    Now he has some pants!

    Starting with some of his back armor. I like how his jet packs turned out in the end.

    Finally standing up on his own. It was nice to finally see how the pose was looking without me holding it.

    From the back

    More detail added. Including his shoulder pads, love those! Also finished the rock base he's standing on.

    Here are those finished jet packs that I really like!

    I found out after completing the statue that in order to have a successful mold made I would need to separate some parts so they could be cast separately and then attached. Here is the headless chief!

    Chief de Milo

    Here are all of the detached limbs. It was a lot of work removing these and modifying the statue so they could be reattached properly, but I made a few changes to the pose in the process and was happier with the final result :)

    This is the final picture before I sent it off for casting. You can see the metal wire holding the arms on for the picture.

    It was so exciting to get the reproductions back from the casting company. They did an amazing job and my wife took some amazing photos. This statue is a black epoxy with silver wax painted on.

    This is cold cast bronze.

    Here are the 4 different types of reproductions I had the casting company make. White epoxy, cold cast bronze, black epoxy with silver wax, and cold cast nickel. I think they look pretty awesome together! Hope you enjoyed my post, Thanks!!

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    Hi guys I created a new post with more pictures and descriptions. Please have a look :)

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    We do one thread per user here, So I merged the two together

    But thanks for posting some more images. Where did you send it off to be cast? Did it cost a fortune?

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    Thanks for merging them for me. I use a company called Mountain View Studios in Tennessee. To have the mold made cost about $400 and then each reproduction is different depending on the medium.

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    Those look awesome.
    Just curious, how much do the metal casts weigh?

    Ringo wrote: »
    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
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    About 3 Lbs. Both of the metal casts are cold cast so they are actually made of epoxy with metal shavings mixed in.

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    Are you selling them? whats the cheapest one if so? i am poor, but damn do i want to paint one!!!

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    I am selling them and the cheapest one is actually the white epoxy which would be the best for painting :D Email me if you're interested [email protected]

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    Very nice. I like the scale of them too, looks to be 1:10 to 1:8.

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