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Key of Ethios - A party-based action-adventure game inspired by Zelda and Okami [PC]

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~Key of Ethios is an Action-Adventure game that takes inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda and Okami. It takes place within Ethios, a land that rests within infinite skies, the heart of which is its revered moon. It focuses on Ellie, Gil, and Van: of a party of companions, each with their own unique abilities that allow them to traverse the world and overcome a wide array of obstacles and enemies.


~The game begins with our heroes discovering a mysterious young girl resting within the ancient Wysteria- A vast forest said to be as old as the world itself. They then become the target of an organization knows as the Court, who is dead set on capturing the girl for unknown purposes.

~Gameplay focuses on combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, all of which center around controlling the party members either as a group or individually. You must utilize each heroes' abilities in tandem with one another to defeat cunning enemies or traverse perilous obstacles.

You can nab an early alpha demo from the link below:



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  • LordMcMuttonLordMcMutton That farmhouse... There.Registered User new member
    I've seen other devs reserving this spot for updates, so here we are.

    ~Key of Ethios~
  • siskavardsiskavard Animator Vancouver BCRegistered User regular
    I love the designs!

    Maybe it's just that level, but the lighting seems really dark. Feels like it should be brighter.

    Anyways, going to keep an eye open for this one!

  • LordMcMuttonLordMcMutton That farmhouse... There.Registered User new member
    I've got some environments going on:

    Also working on a trailer. Here's a snippet:

    ~Key of Ethios~
  • LordMcMuttonLordMcMutton That farmhouse... There.Registered User new member
    Characters out the wazoo


    ~Key of Ethios~
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