Wireless keyboard issues

PinfeldorfPinfeldorf RealtorSanta ClaritaRegistered User regular
So, at work we have this laptop at one of our locations. It is an okay laptop, and my bosses are more or less computer illiterate, so I spend about a half an hour a week fixing dumb things they've done to it, no big deal.

This time, somehow, the wireless keyboard has been...broken? I guess? It's not working at all. Dongle placement seems to have no effect, new batteries don't help at all, and even installing new drivers from Logitech didn't do anything (It's a Logitech K360 if that's important). I'm kind of stuck at this point. I much, much prefer the wireless keyboard to the built-in keyboard as my giant hands constantly fuck with the touchpad (I know I can disable the touchpad but that's not really the issue). In control panel I can't even find the wireless keyboard, searching for new hardware doesn't seem to do anything.

Any help/advice would be appreciated!


  • ThunderSaidThunderSaid Registered User regular
    Are there any kind of "resync" buttons on either the keyboard or the dongle (or both)?

    Are you sure that the USB port that the dongle is plugged into is working?

  • DaenrisDaenris Registered User regular
    Does the keyboard work at all if you try it on a different computer?

  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Realtor Santa ClaritaRegistered User regular
    A patient came in who is a software engineer, and he helped me troubleshoot to the point where we're both pretty sure it's the wireless dongle. The ports are fine, but the dongle isn't giving a popup window about something being discovered, which kind of eliminates other possibilities.

    It could still be a fault in the wireless hardware in the keyboard itself, but that's a more expensive fix than getting a new dongle and unifying.

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