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USB Audio Adapters

Cthulhu CalamariCthulhu Calamari Toronto, CanadaRegistered User, Array regular
The left channel out on my laptop got messed up a while ago, and I was tired of having to prop up cables at just the right angle to hear things in stereo, so I ordered this adapter because it's much cheaper than having the port repaired/replaced. Unfortunately, it's total garbage; real headphones sound like tin can speakers, and earbuds eat up immediately, to the point that they cannot be used any more.

Can anyone recommend a different USB audio adapter which isn't totally shit?


  • Man of the WavesMan of the Waves Registered User regular
    What you want is a USB DAC+amp for listening to headphones on your laptop.

  • Cthulhu CalamariCthulhu Calamari Toronto, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Aha. That makes more sense, and looks cooler.


  • Man of the WavesMan of the Waves Registered User regular
    They make slightly cheaper ones, that's just the first one I clicked on. Just make sure it has a USB DAC

    Buy one and never look back. You don't want to fall down a rabbit hole or anything.

  • Cthulhu CalamariCthulhu Calamari Toronto, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I've been looking through those. Unfortunately, the Canadian Amazon doesn't have the full range that the .com site does, nor is it the same price. (The one you linked to is on sale for you, but not for me.)

    It makes sense, though; my girlfriend's headphones use the standard 2.5mm plug and work fine with the adapter, but mine are 3.5mm, and there is clearly not enough juice channeled through an $8 plug-and-play thing to make that at all palatable.

  • acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Registered User regular
    I've personally used the Fiio E10 and can vouch that it sounds awesome with my entry level Audio Technica M50s and AD700s. I too am from Canada and know your frustration with the differences in Amazons, when I ordered mine I got it from here:

    GT: Acidboogie PSNid: AcidLacedPenguiN
  • Cthulhu CalamariCthulhu Calamari Toronto, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Oh, awesome. Thanks for the link. That one's been discontinued, apparently, but there's a lot of others to choose from. And those are the best Canadian shipping prices I've ever seen.

    Big ups.

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