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[chat] Fandango



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    Atomika wrote: »
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    Managed infidelity is not a modern anomaly.

    No, but I'd argue the concept of plural commitment is.

    I agree, for the most part.

    every person who doesn't like an acquired taste always seems to think everyone who likes it is faking it. it should be an official fallacy.
    the "no true scotch man" fallacy.
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    Feral wrote: »
    Managed infidelity is not a modern anomaly.

    No, but I'd argue the concept of plural commitment is.

    you can find those in hunter-gatherer societies though, afaik. loosely speaking. Obviously whether they conceive of it as plural commitment in the way we do is a bit iffy, but you can find societies where the particular identity of the biological father is not particularly stressed

    This is true, as I recall the small culture (in southern China? Maybe?) where monogamy isn't a thing and children have no fathers, and are instead raised by their mother and maternal uncles.

    These people are well aware of the modern conventions of marriage, and think they're hilariously dumb.

    Hey, as long as babies get fed and spend time with role models, hard to criticize.

    I completely agree.

    As I said, I've come to view monogamy and western coupling traditions with a more critical eye of late.

    The "tradition" argument really falls apart on any kind of real scrutiny. Like 150 years ago if you had any money it was normal to basically have your servants raise your kids for you.

    Or in tribal societies it's very common for the village to raise kids with parental connections only being of secondary importance.

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    Geth, status report

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    Wife bought a rotisserie last year, and that thing is tits. Perfectly roasted chicken on demand.

    Or ribs. Or roast. Or duck. Or whatever.

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    chat, is this a good deal?

    Keep in mind that I do want a fully modular PSU.

    Any of the corsair stuff is high quality, so yeah, that's a pretty good deal.

    I've had good experiences with every Corsair PSU I've used.

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    Two goats enter, one car leaves
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    Geth, blackjack and hooker time

    bowen on
    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
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    This has been a pleasantly Gender Issues [chat].

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    Quid wrote: »
    TTODewback wrote: »
    Why would an uncle want to care for some other person's brat.
    China is the worst.
    [Chat] is the worst

    I am a million times more interested in helping out with my nieces and nephews than I am with having my own kids.

    Loads more fun.

    But in this Chinese hellhole you're not "helping out nieces and nephews" you're being the father.
    Which is dumb.
    Father should be Father
    god damned socialist

    Bless your heart.
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