Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Notches

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Notches


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  • SeznegSezneg Registered User regular
    Notch enthusiast... nice.

  • Lingering GrinLingering Grin Registered User regular
    And now ever reader who spent time counting them on the last comic looks foolish! ;)

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    Poor Malachi... Clinging to those worldly things, like date and time...

  • PurdueBradPurdueBrad Human DenverRegistered User regular
    Ugh, it's bittersweet how these strips are genuinely emotional! Well done Katie

  • Eric the PrezEric the Prez Registered User regular
    Hi kitty :p How long did it take to draw all those notches. I hope there was a copy and past job cause Id go nuts

  • Dennis D.Dennis D. West Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Well, you know, as the old saying goes: "A notch enthusiast is better than a Hieronymous Bosch enthusiast."

  • Dennis D.Dennis D. West Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    (Oh and btw Kitty, I found the cat perch chance.)

  • IanysusIanysus Registered User new member
    I am now a pro cat-finder. Also, this comic is really sad in a way :(

  • triggertrigger Registered User regular
    Had to do some serious zooming to find the cat today! Well done.

    On a side note, I've had to "celebrate" my birthday at camp (as a result of my work) for four years now. Which essentially means that I get an extra helping of slop for breakfast. As a result, I've decided those birthdays don't count. As long as I can keep this up I'll never be out of my twenties!

  • AskmeaboutLOOMAskmeaboutLOOM There Can Be Only One. Oklahoma Oklahoma, county, state.Registered User regular
    The facial expressions on that whole penultimate row could not be more perfect. Molebert's abject horror, the immature rage of Malachi, and the mix of shock and concern from Seventeen...beautiful.

  • sketchitysketchity Registered User regular
    tick marks!

  • 1Neuman1Neuman Registered User regular
    I could totally see this comic as a cartoon.

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    Seeing Molebert scared makes me sad, he was just trying to help. I love how ashamed Malachi gets when Seventeen sees him yelling at the poor kid.

    ...also now I want a taco...damn you Molebert.

  • SquarksSquarks Registered User regular
    Molebert's trembling broke my heart. He was only trying to help.

  • LordZoddLordZodd Registered User regular
    I love Taco Tuesday!

    That probably wasn't the message I was supposed to take away from this, was it.

  • kram1032kram1032 Registered User regular
    If I see this right, there is one occluded 50 at the top of the piece of paper and the last line already is almost filled up but it misses what looks like three days to make it a full 50. If those assumptions are correct, the page has 497 days on it. If this is the only page, we get a year and 131.75 days - that 3/4 day, once again, comes from having the possibility of leap years.

  • BaronbrianBaronbrian Registered User regular
    Poor Molebert! He was all, "Finally! Someone I can talk notch with! I can find out how he prefers to notch! Does he like doing it with a knife? Does he prefer using a rock? Maybe... just maybe... he uses... no, I can't say it... but I must! Maybe he uses a stick to make his notches! I'm so happy! I bet he likes tacos too!"

    Then Malachi ruins the dreams for him. Poor, poor Molebert.

  • Joedel263Joedel263 Registered User regular
    Everything is AWESOME!

  • XMinusOneXMinusOne Registered User regular
    "Bonus Notches, senor."
    (Somebody had to say it.) ;D

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Another fantastic comic Katie, keep up this outstanding work!
    So it's safe to say some of the more... Long term residents of Camp Weedonwantcha have been there for 2+ years easily... However if he wants to know the date, I think Malachi is going about it the wrong way, asking the long term campers is a bad idea, he needs to find out who was the most recent arrival before him and work it out from there, as they'd have the "freshest" memory of that sort of stuff... no?

    This comic kinda reminds me of the old Aussie TV show "The Tribe" but with less crazy makeup :p.

    Also, I found you kittie! Tried to be sneaky but I got ya!

  • JortalusJortalus Registered User regular
    Why are you yelling at that poor kid? Didn't you know his parents abandoned him...there... =(

    Man that place is depressing.

  • crustyjoecrustyjoe Registered User new member
    This is unrelated to today's comic, but I really want a Camp Weedonwantcha fire and crossbones shirt!

  • doctor_dollarsdoctor_dollars AlaskaRegistered User regular
    can i borrow your tacos?

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