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Hey dudes, I still draw when I can and am trying to get better (I swear).
Here's a dump of stuff I've done over the last few months, no scanner so I just photograph them as best I can. I'm going to try and update as much as I have stuff to update with.

They're in order by date from oldest to most recent (top to bottom).

Sketchin' during Big Bang theory.


1st sitting of figure drawings from a few weeks back.




Second session last weekend.


^5 or 10, can't remember




Critiques totes welcome, nay... encouraged.
Thanks and I'm really going to try to keep this updated, I'm doing some leatherworking too so I'll probably post some of that as well.

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  • brokecrackerbrokecracker Registered User regular
    Nice stuff Prisp...Prosport...Prius...P-dawg!
    You figure work is coming together, I would really like to see a super detailed and fully rendered and shaded figure though. I think the charcoals at the bottom are your strongest. Great stuff!

    P.S. I love the ink doodle at the bottom of the first page!

  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Thanks broke! Yeah, I'm really hoping we'll get to do an hour session; the place I go for figure drawing hasn't gone over 20 minutes yet. If it doesn't happen, I may try to spend time afterward to 'finish' one up.

  • brokecrackerbrokecracker Registered User regular
    word, that sucks when you just hit a stride and then BOOM, session over. I have never modeled for figure drawing though and hear it can be very uncomfortable after a while, so I get that hour session are kind of rare...

    Still, looking good!

  • TamTam Registered User regular
    hey uh
    shit what's your name

    I know it's major hypo-c comin from me
    but I agree with broke
    there's great benefit in seeing a piece through, even if you feel it turned out badly

  • Angel_of_BaconAngel_of_Bacon Moderator mod
    Nice! You've got a pretty good start on your proportions and anatomy in these. :^:

    I'm not sure what instruction you've got going in your figure class, but one thing I might suggest is trying to work for longer, bolder CSI strokes in your layin, and work to connect the body through rhythms- drawing from shoulder to shoulder, neck to hip, etc. to create a more solid, constructed feel. Right now what you've got is pretty great in terms of observation, but being able to simplify it down into simple sweeps will make for a stronger read than having a lot of lines scribbled in- especially in a quick pose (and yes, a whole 20 minutes IS still a quick pose).

    Try to think less in terms of creating finished drawings in 20 minutes (or whatever), and more in terms of creating a strong blueprint, that represents a solid plan for creating a finished drawing later on, when you can commit some real time to it.

    A pretty good example of what I'm talking about is somebody like Ryan Woodward- might be a little abstract in places, but the point is he's using deliberate, bold straights, curves, and simple tonal block ins to create a very convincing illusion of a full, well-constructed figure without a lot of detail. If he wanted to go ahead and spend 5 hours rendering out one of these figures he could, because he's already captured the essence of what makes the figure interesting in the first few minutes.

    Tried to do an example drawover to show you what I mean- not a really great drawing, but it should serve as an ok example of the principle.

    I also tried to make a video of me doing the drawover- but it might just be confusing more than anything, considering I set it to speed things up, and I'm rotating the canvas all over the place to get the lines I want. End result being the important parts at the beginning look like they are being filmed from the inside of a tumble dryer, and then the parts where I start faffing about with shading (post 0:30) really aren't that important to my point. D:
    (Let's just say, I'm trying to learn things here too.)



    This isn't really accurate to the original pose or model so much, it just represents general figure construction- creating your centerline, making a triangle from hip to neck to hip, ditto shoulder to crotch to shoulder, defining limbs in simple sweeps, etc.
    word, that sucks when you just hit a stride and then BOOM, session over. I have never modeled for figure drawing though and hear it can be very uncomfortable after a while, so I get that hour session are kind of rare...

    Most places will do longer poses by having the model take a 5 minute break every 20 minutes, and then go back into the same pose.

  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Ah! Holy hell, thanks Bacon.

    It's actually not a "class", it's just an open session where people come and do the figure drawin's. I took about 3 life drawings in college about 7 years ago and have done these 3 hour sessions here and there over the years. We actually did have a vote at the last class to do an hour session broken up into 20's but only like 3 of us voted out of like 20 people :(

    I definitely need to work on my CSI strokes - I had learned them back in the day (we never called them CSI that I can remember though or we did and I forgot), but the linked explanation actually really helps. The Blueprint comment is perfect, thinking about it like that will definitely be big when going back to draw.

    Thanks again!

    @tam yeah, I definitely need to finish some works. I've never really gone back to a 20 minute figure drawing to "finish it" I didn't even really know that was a thing. I always looked at the shorter figure drawings as done when the timer was up - I guess that's not really a great way of thinking about it though. I've got a couple ideas I've started to sketch out and I'm hoping to finish both of them.

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    Haven't gotten to go back to the figure drawing class (hopefully this weekend), but I am getting to work on a Playing Card backing/Flyer for the ladies golf at our club.

    "Queen of Hearts" themed, WIP.

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  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
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    Still haven't gotten to go back and do figure drawings again since the last time I posted them, hoping maybe Saturday I'll be able to make my way back there.

    However, I am doing my bi-weekly resolution. Right now this is my current project, done with Sculpty for my gf. Next step is to paint and make a butterfly for her finger. Going to buff/sand down some of the rough spots, was sort of going for a simple & smooth look akin to a munny.

    e: woops forgot photos

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  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Alright, First bi-weekly project of the new year finished. Next project start tomorrow, gotta figure out what I'm doing. I will update this post tomorrow with what I learned and hope to add to my next sculpting project.





  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
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    Couple more sculptures.

    Was kinda going for a more curvy mermaid here, didn't come out quite how I had imagined in that regard, still somewhat happy.
    Learnt: Need to make basic shapes first (similar to drawing), I keep trying to add and add, seems like it's better to have more and carve/shape it out after. Otherwise it seems to take twice as long.


    Learnt: think I'm going to use my dremel and some sand paper from now on to smooth some rough spots I missed before baking the pieces. Getting the basic structure down definitely helped quicken things up quite a bit though. This one I finished in about 4 sittings, whereas the mermaid took me about 10-15 because I couldn't get the shapes right.

    Will probably add some gloss to the dinohippodigimon guy.

    Critiques very much welcome as usual.

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