2014 first step to glory (nsfw probably)

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or something like that.

So starting this new thread for the new year.

trying to get some value practice

I know her legs are all messed up. Going forward I know I've always had problems with proportions I'll try to be more mindful of that.

And here is my first maya assignment from animschool.

I think I have to work on the rotation some

Feed back is Welcome.

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    You can tell that all of the anatomy studies you have done are really helping your confidence with the contour. In the most recent figure it looks like you're trying to shade by making the direction of your pencil marks follow the form, but only in some areas. Try to implement that more, because it helps a lot! You might have to slow down because it adds another thing to focus on, but it will probably help you make more sense of your values, considering the specific placment and harnedd of different values as they respond to the form. Also, I know that hair can be annoying, but you probably don't want to get in the habit of bailing on specific body parts (like the hair in the later two figures). For one thing, you should be approaching values as a hierarchy of the entire figure, and make sure that everything relates to the whole properly. And then secondly, of course, forcing yourself to draw the face/hair will allow you to improve those areas :)
    Keep up the good work!

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    You have keen-eye to be able to spot my process like that.
    I do feel stronger when it comes to construction. But with these drawings I feel like I was re-learning shading mid drawing.

    I try to pop these out in about 2 to 3 hours ish. So I think your right saying I need to slow down.
    I think when I do more figure drawings I'll use bigger paper so I can map out the values focus more on construction and just generally give more time to the drawing. Give these drawings time to develop over a couple days.

    Arrggh. Your keeping me honest. I don't have to much trouble with faces, but I hate drawing hair. Its hard for me to draw hair without making it seem placed on the head like a bad wig.
    Next week I'll have one hopefully really well rendered figure drawing with nice hair.

    Thanks for the input

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    I can already see this is too snappy
    Gonna work on revisions this week

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    Animating the ship went faster. But I poked at it for a while to try to make the tow chain look good.

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    I spent a lot of time fighting with the controls with this walk cycle. But I'm pretty happy with it.

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    That walk looks great! What program are you working with?

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    Maya 2013

    I could have animated that on paper in about 1 to 2 hours for a solid animation.

    That walk cycle took me about 10 to 12 hours, and I still see little mistakes. I am getting faster with each project though. And I definitely want to get this guy to dance.

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    Messing around with an old drawing

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    posting this so I know to finish it

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    old stuff that I finally finished


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    I need fresh Eyes.

    How does this look?
    Are the poses interesting?
    Does he look off balance?

    I will add blinking eyes and putting emotion in his eyebrows and face. I just want to make sure the body looks correct overall.

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    Well, finished with my final assignment for this term.
    Next term starts in April. I get a 3 week break.
    Full body mechanics. Should be fun.

    I think I took this about as far as it can go.
    My Instructor likes things realistic, so I kept it conservative. Less is more
    Working in the graph editor in Maya, I saw into the matrix. All the points and curves started to take shape and I saw what it should look like.
    Feeling good about it

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