superezekiel can't draw [NSFW]

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but I do it all the time.

not sure how to start a thread like this, but after looking at all of the other threads here I figure it's do or die so, you know, whatever and shit. Here it goes.


this is all fairly recent stuff, and i have more in my sketchbook that i'll post later but otherwise i'm sticking with my most recent tablet sketches since that's what i want to focus on improving. these are more just "one drawing a day" type stuff instead of anything i put any real amount of time into, but they're still all i'm really doing.

i'll post more as soon as i make more. i'll take requests too as practice! so uh

you know

Iruka on


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    If your goal is to get better and get crits, I think we are going to need some more information. What are your goals as an artist? Do you have a job you are trying to get? Do you have some influences? If your goal is to be a concept artist, we may have different advice for you than if your goal is to make adult swim cartoons.

    These are all really lumpy and crazy, which looks mostly intentional, but it also means its hard to give you truly useful information. Posting your goals/influences will help. If you have some slightly more academic work, this is also a great way for us to measure your technical skills. A still life, an earnest attempt at realistic anatomy, master copies, studies, anything where you are really pushing yourself. Getting feedback on that type of work gets right to the core of your fundamental issues.

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