[Pre-Pax] The Third Annual (Except for that one year) Pre-PAX Breakfast!



  • KhaytorKhaytor MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    @Brokenvegetable You have yet to earn your Awesome status :D

  • brokenvegetablebrokenvegetable Virtual Photographer BostonRegistered User regular
    its amazing ... amazing status.... thats what I am after

  • KhaytorKhaytor MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    I think we can award you Honorable Amazing status.

  • KnolandKnoland Hungry Hungry Hippo VermontRegistered User regular
    UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Changed around some plans and I will now be able to make it. Just called friendly toast to let them know we'll be there!

    PAX EAST 2014: Ticket/Enforcing[x] Hotel [x] Travel [x]
  • LtHummusLtHummus Registered User regular
    I know it's late notice, but I will try to be there!

  • OcelottOcelott Registered User regular
    sucks we get in @ 8 :(

  • Xveriun_UlnXveriun_Uln Registered User regular
    Darn, would have love to gone, but didn't get in until tonight.

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