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  • A.SabotA.Sabot Boston, MaRegistered User regular
    I can't wait for pax east 2015 byoc!

    Pax East 2016: BYOC [x], 3 Day Passes [x], car[x], license[x], new computer[x]
  • FartmancerFartmancer Registered User regular
    Good games, good times! Thanks to the enforcer crew for making it all come together and keeping things moving!

  • DreggorDreggor [E] PAX East PC Room Deputy Registered User regular
    Thanks for the kind words all. We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year!

    PAX Prime PC Room Deputy
    PAX East PC Room Deputy
  • thorkonthorkon Registered User regular
    Awesome run guys, had fun! I'm sad to of missed the Occulus @Trandescent‌ brought in to share but its awesome others were able to try it out. Can't wait til a commercial release on that.

  • Greylock3491Greylock3491 Registered User regular
    edited April 2014
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the awesome PAX crew/enforcers in the BYOC area - you all were great and I had a total blast!!! Thanks for all your tireless efforts manning BYOC!

    Also thanks my BYOC neighbor John who was really friendly and great to game with, and also nice enough to let me be a bullet sponge so many times in TF2 lol!

    Looking forward to PAXeast BYOC 2015! Maybe they can expand it from 350 to 1000? (there seemed to be plenty of room)

    QUESTION: Any words of advice on how to secure a BYOC ticket - I mean I hit the PAXSite to buy tickets at 4pm the day tickets went on sale but they were already sold out! Wasn't like that previous years :-(

    QUESTION 2: There were some guys with three monitors taking up a whole table - did they need to buy two BYOC tickets? Well worth it if that's allowed...

    EDIT: I just posted all my pictures on G+ and FB - see links below:

    Google Plus:


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  • Tichinde925Tichinde925 Registered User regular
    edited April 2014
    1 Badge = 2 power ports. Max of 2 badges / 4 power ports per person. No more.

    I got 2 badges this year so that I could demo my Oculus Rift. I couldnt spend alot of time at the BYOC this year.

    I did get that awesome Pink PC Case, the most manliest of colors.


    Does anyone have a link to all the pictures that Intel took this year?

    Tichinde925 on
  • PurpleSkyPurpleSky Registered User regular
    Well at the end of PAX Prime last year the dates for PAX 2014 seemed to be mentioned really soon (at least unofficially suggested) Think the same will happen for PAX East 2015? Any ideas? That's one thing I wish PAX would start adopting, GDC has the dates for the next convention officially posted at the convention itself (March 2nd 2015)

  • PurpleSkyPurpleSky Registered User regular
    Sorry I posted in teh wrong discussion, clicked on this thinking it was general FAQ.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    The dates for East 2015 have been known for awhile now. They're March 6-8 2015. It's on the BCEC calendar.

  • jrdobbsjrdobbs Registered User regular
    Had a great time at BYOC this year. The BYOC staff did a terrific job getting us checked-in and supporting us throughout the event. Very courteous and professional. Big thanks to BenQ for the monitor loaner....saved me a bunch of grief lugging that beast in/out of BCEC. It was nice meeting and talking with some of our neighbors, hope to see you all again next year.


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  • shepdshepd Registered User regular
    As long as you managed to buy a ticket direct from PAX instead of a scalper, BYOC tickets were available the entire time plus several hours after.

    4 pm was 3.75 hours too late, sorry! 3-day tickets sold out in 15 minutes. All three one day badges were around for another 15-30 minutes.

    Watch that twitter feed on the day the tickets are announced is the best method. Take a day off work if you need too--at least with the fair warning it's possible, and the warning significantly limits creating unintentional scalpers out of group customers.

  • [H]olyGeekboy[H]olyGeekboy PAX dad and PC builder ClevelandRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    47 days between PAX South and PAX East.

    47 days.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    just enough.

  • TrandescentTrandescent Registered User regular
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    thorkon wrote: »
    Awesome run guys, had fun! I'm sad to of missed the Occulus @Trandescent‌ brought in to share but its awesome others were able to try it out. Can't wait til a commercial release on that.
    I came and had a chat with you about how I admired your case! Oh well.. I'll be there again next PAX, perhaps with a Dev Kit 2 :)

    Trandescent on

    PAX East 2018 4-Day Pass [X] BYOC Pass [X] Hotel Reservation [X]

    See y'all at PAX East 2018!
  • [H]olyGeekboy[H]olyGeekboy PAX dad and PC builder ClevelandRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    Yeah in case you didn't hear (any why would you, since Intel and CPUmag didn't make an announcement or involve DreamWish), @thorkon won the impromptu casemod contest outright. Everybody walking past snapped a picture of your awesome case, man. Kudos!

    I'd like to see more mods at BYOC. The Casemod panel had like 400 people show up during dinnertime in a remote conference room (Cuttlefish), so I know the interest is there. I think if Intel and CPUmag get together with BYOC management before the shows and make it clear that 1) there will be a contest, and 2) there will be prizes, that information can be added to the BYOC materials and stimulate better participation. More mods = More awesome. Having them say "well most of the big mods go to PDXLan" is great, I hear that's a great show, but we're a couple of guys from Ohio who do PAX East, and frankly, PDXlan hasn't even been selling out lately. PAX BYOC *always* sells out. I've won my share of schwag from Intel/CPUmag over the years and it's always nice to get "stuff," but I'd rather have the attention and interest and discussions around modding and modders as a subculture of LAN gaming and BYOC.

  • TrandescentTrandescent Registered User regular
    I only heard briefly about the casemod contest. If there's another contest for next year (don't see why there wouldn't be) you can bet that i'll throw something together.


    PAX East 2018 4-Day Pass [X] BYOC Pass [X] Hotel Reservation [X]

    See y'all at PAX East 2018!
  • [H]olyGeekboy[H]olyGeekboy PAX dad and PC builder ClevelandRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited April 2014
    So having participated in all 5 East BYOCs, and having won two casemod contests, here's a participant's view of what happens. If there is a contest, Andrew Leibman from CPU Magazine and some fine Intel / LANfest folks such as Gary and Charlie will walk around and ask questions / take notes. There will be one to three prizes awarded, typically sponsored by Intel. Formal announcement or recognition of a winner may or may not happen. If there is no contest, nothing is said or done. Clearly these guys are all very busy, working long hours running their own booths, panels, etc for the show, so they can't be blamed for a casemod contest being a priority considering participation by very small subset of BYOC attendees. The difficulty froma modder's perspective is that for each show, it feels incredibly ad hoc and unplanned. Like "Oh yeah there are some casemods here." When BigRed ran BYOC, he put active pressure on the guys to try to remind them, hey, put out some press, promise some prizes, and the modders will turn out. That's not an indictment of later BYOC emcees, but it's something that probably wasn't on their radar when they took over the role. My job as an agitator here is to push Dreamwish, who ran a super-fine BYOC at East, to try to send out some feelers in advance of future shows to encourage more participation. My comments are mostly around the East experience. My Prime experience was vastly different and the general casemod situation in the Pacific Northwest is in a different league than what turns up at East. The first and second placers at Prime 2013 were both Boeing engineers.

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