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Ascendant, a 2.5D side-scrolling brawler

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Ascendant is a 2.5D side-scrolling brawler that combines the depth and randomness of roguelikes, and the fast-paced action of beat 'em ups. The game is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You, as the Ascendant, suddenly manifest in a world populated by raging fanatics, devout zealots, and wild beasts, furious at your arrival into their plane. You are a challenge to the rule of the older, tyrannical gods, and they will stop at nothing to eliminate you. The world has succumbed to their might and you must travel through the land gaining strength, enhancing your abilities, and gathering an army of followers to oppose their reign.

Ascendant is very much a brawler at heart. You will constantly be in the middle of combat as you progress through the game, bashing your way through the throngs of fervent zealots, rabid beasts, and indomitable bosses. Additionally, the game takes a lot of features from one of our favorite genres – roguelikes – and puts them to good use. Permadeath, character enhancement, random drops, dynamically assembled content; these things and more are featured in Ascendant.
  • Brawler Combat – Martial weapons are the primary way that the Ascendant dispatches enemies. You will be able to perform ground and air combos to slice your way through the frenzied hordes of beasts and fanatics. Additionally, enemies can be launched into the air using a chargeable power attack which can then be followed up by juggling with more air combos and ranged spells.
  • Aspects of the Gods – Aspects are part of a socket system that actively enhances a player's weapon, spell, or armor. Each aspect has their own unique characteristics and placing them into different sockets will yield varying effects. For example, an ice-based Aspect on a weapon would freeze enemies that are launched into the air while the same Aspect socketed into the Ascendant’s armor would allow for a slow-fall effect to be activated during descent.
  • Breaths - Players can pick up Breaths as kind of a panic button. These are one-time use items that are like mini-Aspects. They embody an Aspect but only for a brief period of time.

Other Features
  • Multiple unlockable characters with different strengths and weaknesses to suit any playstyle
  • Random special events keep the gameplay fresh each playthrough. You will never know what to expect in the next room
  • Hundreds of weapons to wield each with unique characteristics allowing you to adjust and adapt to the swarm of foes attempting to stop you
  • Dynamically constructed environments means that the structure of every level will consist of randomly assembled rooms. Each level places the boss, treasure, and arenas differently so you will always be rewarded for exploring the depths of the world

  • Website - More info, screenshots, concept art, and a devlog.
  • Twitter - Not as many tweets you could ever read, but just enough.
  • Facebook - Like and follow our progress
  • IndieDB

Code Giveaway

The first TEN most awesome people ever to respond to this post will be included in our next beta build release! Be on the lookout for a PM from pants1067

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  • pants1067pants1067 Registered User regular
    Thanks for putting this up there, Tube!

    Dev here, I can answer any question relating to Ascendant, what it's about, its development, etc.

  • SoChaelSoChael Registered User new member
    I normally stick to lurking, but I can't not pop in on this one. I remember following the Kickstarter and it kind of blows my mind just a little that these months have passed so quickly. I think that I tend to associate Kickstarters with "dev's ETA + unknown amount of time", so I purposely don't pay too much attention during the development. Since I haven't had any hands on time my only questions at the moment are:
    1) Are you all targeting a pricing of ~10 at release? The Kickstarter seemed to point to around there.
    2) I see on IndieDB that you're sort of in crunch mode trying to get everything wrapped up, any really rough ETA at the moment? Like, 1-3 months?

  • pants1067pants1067 Registered User regular
    It certainly has been awhile since the Kickstarter campaign. We've made an incredible amount of improvements both in gameplay, design, and art. Thanks for taking the time to follow us!

    1) Yes, we always planned for this game to be $10
    2) We're scheduled to release at the end of March and will have a DRM free version available on our website and any other digitial distributors that we can land a deal with (GamersGate, Desura, GOG, etc.). We'll be building for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • KorlyKorly Phoenix Smasher Annapolis, MDRegistered User
    This looks very awesome.

  • NowHiringHenchmenNowHiringHenchmen Registered User regular
    This actually looks pretty promising/interesting. Can't wait to see it when its done!

  • pants1067pants1067 Registered User regular
    Thanks guys! Only 7 more beta keys to give away :D

  • Ronin356Ronin356 Nowhere MORegistered User regular
    This looks awesome. Can't wait to see it.

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  • pants1067pants1067 Registered User regular
    We're still giving out beta keys here so let us know if you want them! 6 left.

    Just had one of our First Impressions come out too. Take a look below:

  • KiTAKiTA Registered User regular
    Oh, darn, I barely missed the stream of this on Twitch last night. Silly graveyard schedule. Looking forward to this!

    time to crash, the dawn is up, the sun gleems out glorious ps4 sunbeams and i can trade those sunbeams and do whatever i want with them.
  • pants1067pants1067 Registered User regular
    edited March 2014
    Hey, sorry for the late reply! It's too bad you missed the stream but we have some more scheduled for the next month. They are really fun for us to watch because they give us a ton of ideas on ways to improve the game. If you want you can keep up to date on our subreddit or by joining our Steam group.

    So, FIVE keys left!

    pants1067 on
  • Donovan PuppyfuckerDonovan Puppyfucker A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    This looks really cool! I was a big fan of arcade side-scroller beat 'em ups like Double Dragon and Final Fight back in the day. Adding in the in loot and mini-rpg character development could make this addictive enough to be a huge hit.

  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    this looks great. i love your attack effects

  • RanduilRanduil Registered User new member
    This is looking really awesome. I would love a key!

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