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Recommend me a Desktop Printer

BursarBursar Hee Noooo!Registered User regular
Hi, everybody!

For the past 6+ years or so, I've been getting by with a Dell v515w all-in-one inkjet printer. About a week ago, a bit of plastic broke in the printhead carrier latch. Although a hasty bit of superglue kept it together long enough for an emergency print job, it snapped again the next time I tried getting it to do anything. Dell refuses to help because I am both out of warranty and they no longer sell parts for this printer, and neither Amazon, Best Buy, nor Ebay have apparently heard of the part I'm looking for.

So! Having become thoroughly sick of Dell's incompetence over the years, I'm looking for a new printer. Here are my qualifications:

Prints in color and B/W
includes a scanner that can output to .pdf in addition to other image formats
wireless network connection preferred
won't kill me with ink replacement costs
the cheaper, the better
NOT DELL (this one's out of spite, but sue me, I'm human)

So, what printers to you folks have? What do you like/dislike? Should I be looking at *lasers*, or will ink keep me happy?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

GNU Terry Pratchett
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  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    The Wirecutter has a decent article about multifunction printers:

    If you don't NEED color printing, then I would say laser is a no-brainer.

  • electricitylikesmeelectricitylikesme Registered User regular
    Ok I know you said not Dell but...

    If you do need color printing, laser is still a no-brainer. The new Dell color lasers look great, and if you do your own toner refills (which is so much easier then any bullshit with inkjets - just unsnap a plastic bit and pour it into the cartridge) then they're very economical to run (if you don't, then they are definitely not).

    Me and Bulgarian girl have the Dell C1660w which has full standalone wireless support. It's great. You can buy a model up which adds a sheet feeder document scanner for an MFD.

  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    tsmvengy wrote: »
    The Wirecutter has a decent article about multifunction printers:

    If you don't NEED color printing, then I would say laser is a no-brainer.

    If you're still shopping, I made a thread similar to this a while back and bought a model similar to this one. It installed without any drama and has worked nicely.

    Steam: Mike Danger | PSN/NNID: remadeking | 3DS: 2079-9204-4075
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