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Fun Tablet Accessories For a Birthday Present

ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
edited May 2014 in Help / Advice Forum
My wife just got a new tablet. (I think it's this one, though maybe a newer model - I know it's a 7" Samsung, at least.)

Her birthday is coming up, and I thought she might like some accessories for it. She would love something that's silly and/or cute and/or fun. I don't really have specific ideas of what I'm looking for, which is why I'm posting in here.

She just bought a case for it that doubles as a stand, so I don't want to get one of those. She uses it mostly for games - Candy Crush Saga, Scrabble-clones, and the like.

Doesn't need to be anything even remotely practical. So... help?

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  • ThunderSaidThunderSaid Registered User regular
    edited May 2014
    I don't know what your price range is, but my wife is a big fan of the Jambox speaker. If your wife likes to listen to music off of the tablet, it might be a good fit.

    (edited to say: I'm also a fan of the Jambox. I think it puts out good sound for its size)

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  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    It has a usb port, so you could get one of those silly usb attachments, the humping dog or some such contrivance.

  • Kick_04Kick_04 Registered User regular
    Depending on how much she carries it around with her, you could get one of the portable chargers.

    If camp or do anything out doorsy, can also get one of the solar powered chargers.

    Also can just get her a braided cable so doesn't tangle if on the go a lot but have easy acess to an outlet.

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  • dispatch.odispatch.o Registered User regular
    A good stylus if she likes to use one of the many doodle programs, be goofy and get her one of those flexible usb reading lights for it.

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