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Spam Being Sent From My E-Mail

obolon84obolon84 Registered User regular
I logged in to my ISP e-mail account for the first time in about a month and noticed that I had over 12000 unread messages. Almost all of them are "Mail System Error - Returned Mail." I've changed my account password, but new ones still keep coming in. It seems like they might be using my address as a return? Is there anything I can do to stop this or am I just stuck with it?


  • DraygoDraygo Registered User regular
    Returned mail messages can take a while to bounce back. What you are seeing is the backscatter from this. If you changed your password just keep deleting those mails. If you don't really need the account you should just close it and open a new one.

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    It probably goes without saying, but make sure you run a virus scan if you haven't already as well.

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